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Recover Faster

We all know that adequate recovery between training sessions is important for training quality and progress. It requires giving your body adequate time to replenish energy stores and repair damaged muscles.

To recover quickly you require:

High quality nutrition

Time to repair muscle tissues

Carbohydrate store replenishment

Protection from muscle damage

Learn more about products that can help you recover faster:

Blonyx HMB Sport

HMB reduces muscle damage from training. This means you’ll feel less sore and will fully recover and be ready to go again sooner.

HMB has been shown to improve endurance, strength and power with training, likely because it improves recovery regardless of training mode.

HMB is thought to work by both protecting muscle from training damage and slowing muscle protein breakdown.

For masters athletes HMB also slows muscle loss through the natural aging process.

You’ll also benefit from taking HMB when injured as it preserves unused muscle.

Blonyx Egg White Protein Isolate

Adequate protein intake is important to support your training. It’s also important that this protein comes from a high quality real food source if possible.

Where protein powders are great for convenience, they are often very highly processed.

We don’t think you should have to compromise on your nutrition practices which is why we developed our egg white protein isolate

It’s simply filtered egg whites with 6 ingredients added that you’ll recognise.

As it’s real food it also tastes a lot more natural than your usual protein shake. Just add water for a real chocolate milk taste and consistency. It’s also gluten, lactose and dairy free.

Blonyx supplements are a staple in my daily routine. They allow me to push my training to the next level; recovering faster, and training at higher intensities on a more frequent basis

Ilan Cumberbirch
Owner of The Yard Athletics