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Beet-It Sport Nitrate 400 (Box of 15 shots)

If you can’t “beet” them, join them. 

We have partnered with Beet-It USA to bring Beet-It Sport to the athletic community we serve. Beet-It Sport is the best beet juice product for athletes on the market and the only one to provide a consistent 400mg dose of nitrates with each dose. Nitrates improve the efficiency of mitochondria in the muscle and increase blood flow enabling you to move faster and resist fatigue for longer in your training.

Beet It Sport is Informed-Sport certified and has been extensively adopted by both the research community and the elite sports world.


Not ready to commit? Order a single shot instead. 

Beet-It Sport Nitrate 400 (Box of 15 shots)


The basics:

About Beet-It Sport

Beet-it Sport is a single 70ml shot of concentrated beet juice with a dash of lemon juice. It was designed to provide a full 400mg of nitrates in line with the International Olympic Committee’s recommendations for improving performance. 

Each shot comes in a pocket-sized recyclable bottle. We sell these in boxes of 15 which, for most people, will last about a month. 

Beet-It Sport is Informed Choice for Sport certified which means every batch is tested for banned substances.

How to use Beet-It Sport

For the best results, take Beet-It Sport 2-3h before training. 

If training for a specific event, use Beet-It Sport daily for 6 days prior to a competition or race. Take two shots on race day for maximum effect.

How will Beet-It Sport help me increase my athletic performance?

The 400mg of nitrates provided by Beet-It Sport increases the efficiency of mitochondria in the muscle which reduces the oxygen cost of exercise by 5% and delays the onset of fatigue by 5-16%. It also increases blood flow to working muscles. Taking Beet-It Sport ~2h before training will enable you to move faster for longer. It’s ideal for endurance and team sports athletes as well as athletes doing interval training. 

The science behind beet juice supplementation has exploded over the last decade, with over 150 published studies focusing on its impact on training humans. The vast majority of these studies used Beet-It’s Sport 400 beet juice shot product, as it’s the only beet juice product to guarantee 400mg of dietary nitrates per dose.

What type of athlete is Beet-It Sport for?

Beet-It Sport will help endurance athletes run faster, for longer, and will help team sport athletes run more, fatigue less and perform better. It also helps improve power output, interval training and sprint performance.

What type of athlete is Beet-It Sport NOT for?

While research is growing, it's not clear if beet juice improves recovery.

We’ll update this once we see more studies published. 

Improve muscle efficiency and offset fatigue

The nitrates in Beet-it Sport improve muscle efficiency which reduces the oxygen cost of exercise by 5% and delays the onset of fatigue by 5-16%

Blonyx x Beet-It

Beet-It’s science first and real food based approach to product development directly aligns with Blonyx. Like Blonyx it always acts in the best interest of the athletes it serves always striving to hello them achieve their athletic ambition

Trusted by professional athletes

Beet-it sport is used by athletes in the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLS, English Premier League and numerous other professional sports teams, endurance sports clubs and olympic athletes.

What the research shows:

Beet-It Sport reduces the oxygen cost of exercise by 5% and delays the onset of fatigue by 5-16% Research also shows it has the following impact on different athlete types:

How dietary nitrates help to improve your performance:
  • After consuming nitrate-rich beetroot juice, nitrate is absorbed into the bloodstream and taken up by the salivary glands, before being converted to nitrite by bacteria in the mouth.

  • Nitric oxide is important for several processes that influence exercise performance, including vasodilation (widening of blood vessels) and muscle contractility (increase in the force of contraction).

  • Nitrite is then swallowed, absorbed into the bloodstream and transported around the body. Nitrite can be converted to nitric oxide in the blood and in various organs including muscle.

  • A key effect of dietary nitrate is that it reduces the oxygen demand of exercise, meaning the muscles need less oxygen to maintain a given work rate, thereby improving exercise efficiency, fatigue resistance and exercise performance.

What makes Beet-It Sport different:

Trusted by professional athletes

Beet-it sport is used by athletes in the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLS, English Premier League and numerous other professional sports teams, endurance sports clubs and olympic athletes.

Trusted by sports scientists across the world

Since 2009 over 300 research institutes have used Beet-it Sport in their research as it’s the only product on the market with a guaranteed nitrate concentration.


Beet-It sport contains just two ingredients - concentrated beetroot juice and concentrated lemon juice. It's vegan and it's real-food that your body understands.

Daivd Weir, 6 time Paralympic gold medalist - Powered by Beet-It Sport

75% of cyclists improved times when taking Beet-It Sport

BBC - Can beetroot boost our performance?

The Truth About Why Athletes Drink Beetroot Juice

Beet-It Sport For Runners

Our manufacturing facilities are GMP certified. We are also registered with Health Canada

Each batch is independently tested for over 250 contaminants and banned substances

Informed Sport Certified tested and certified free from contamination or banned substances

Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
Marc Gervais

Thank’s everything’s good

Lawrence Vande Vyvere
This stuff is the best~

As a Registered Dietiitian and sports councillor, I do my homework on what really matters and what really works…BEET IT has it hands down! The science on Beet Root juice and the active nitrate in BEET IT fulfills what the research points toward to maximize performance. Give it a try, or more accurately a trial of 3 months at least and see the difference in your elite performance!

Jeremiah Blakley

It tastes as good as something this potent can, without watering down the effects.

Margaret A. McLemore
Everything is purple!

This definitely gives you energy

You can feel it

You feel the effect. You feel filled with oxygen

You just can't beet this stuff!

Let me tell you, the BEET IT Sport Shot Shot is a game-changer. If you're tired of chugging energy drinks that make you feel like you're going to vibrate out of your skin, then this is for you. The real magic here is in its 400 mg of Dietary Beet Nitrates.

Like, I don't know what "nitric oxide" is, but I'm pretty sure it's something that makes you feel like a badass - and gives you a burst of energy that will make you feel like you can run a marathon (or at least jog around the block),

So, if you're looking for a delicious, energizing, and superhuman-inducing beverage, the BEET IT Sport Pro-Elite Shot is the way to go. It's like drinking earth in a bottle, with a side of superhero powers. Go ahead and give it a try - your taste buds (and your inner superhero) will thank you.