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How to get the most from your Beta Alanine

We’re honored to be chosen to help you on your athletic journey. Here’s a guide to help you get the most out of your Beta Alanine

When to take it:

Twice a day, 7 days a week

Any time of day

Ideally with or after food

How to take it

The dome shot

1 scoop chased by a swig of water

The basic

1 scoop mixed with 8-16 oz of water

The supercharge

1 scoop added to your protein shake

The health kick

1 scoop added to your smoothie

Get creative!

Or experiment by adding to any beverage or food you wish. Our customers tell us coffee is a great option!

What to expect over the next month:


Mild tingly/itchy feeling on skin immediately after ingestion. Don't worry, this is harmless and temporary.

Neuro stimulus

Alertness immediately after ingestion.

Paresthesia subsides

If proper dosage recommendations are being followed.

Performance improvement in short term, high output work

Ex. running, rowing, or airdyne sprints

WEEK 3&4:

Extended time to exhaustion in max effort performance tests


Continuing performance improvement in short term, high output work.


Improvement in mid-length, high output work. (sub 7 min)


Increased overall power output


Beta Alanine is not a pre-workout

Take it daily. It does not contain any caffeine or fillers that are in most pre-workout

Adjust the dose

If the tingles are too much, reduce the dose a little (over time the tingles will go away)

You will be able to train harder

Don't be scared to push it

Don't forget the basics

Supplementation will never replace good diet, programming and sleep

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