When to take it:

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Three capsules, twice a day, every day


Ideally with or after food

What to expect over the next month:

WEEK 1&2:


Muscle HMB levels increase

As HMB is used quickly by the body, taking it 2+ times per day will ensure levels stay consistent for maximum performance benefits.

WEEK 3&4:


Reduction in muscle soreness

HMB in the muscles begins to protect you from muscle damage and soreness.


Faster Recovery

Less damage combined with HMB speeding muscle protein production and slowing protein breakdown means you're quicker to recover.


Improved training quality

You require less recovery time, meaning you will feel less beat up and will be able to train harder each day.


Performance Improvements

All of this leads to quicker performance improvements in your training. From strength to metcon, you'll notice the step up.


Strength and muscle

Taking HMB has been proven to increase muscle mass in under four weeks. Time to flex.

Why do you do it?

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