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How to Get The Most Out of Your Egg White Protein

We’re honored to join you on your athletic journey. Here’s a guide to set you up for success.

How to take it:

Mix with cold water to desired thickness and taste

Thick chocolate milk(~180ml) or thinner chocolate milk(~240ml)


Ideally consume within one hour of training

Get creative

Feel free to mix with your smoothie, cereal, favorite recipe. It’s great to work with.


Caution: heating this product up (e.g. In a microwave) will result in chocolate scrambled eggs. Remember it really is real food.

What to expect over the next month:

Increased Muscle

Creatine takes water with it when moving into the muscle. This results in a noticeable increase in muscle mass if you weren’t previously taking creatine.

Strength Gain

More creatine means muscles can achieve higher power output. PRs are on the cards.

WEEK 3&4:
Reduction in Muscle Soreness

HMB is now building up in the muscles. It will start protecting you from muscle damage and soreness.

Faster Recovery

Less damage combined with HMB speeding muscle protein production and slowing protein breakdown means you're quicker to recover.

Improved Training Quality

As you require less recovery time, you can train harder each day, increasing training quality.

Performance Improvements

From strength to anaerobic and aerobic capacity, you’ll notice the step up.

Body Composition

Both ingredients have been proven to increase muscle mass in under four weeks. Time to flex.


Creatine can dehydrate you

Keep well hydrated when starting

Eat before taking it

Be careful - creatine can mess with an empty stomach

You will be able to train harder

Don't be shy to push it

Don't forget the basics

Supplementation will never replace good diet, programming and sleep

Why do you do it?