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How to get the most out of your Hydra+

Hydra+ is a versatile, science driven product with a focus on keeping you between 0-2% dehydrated, a zone shown in studies to be optimal for athletic performance.


How to take it:

A versatile hydration drink mix

Hydra+ is a versatile hydration drink mix based on the latest scientific understanding of hydration. To get the most from it you should adjust how you mix it based on your training

For long training sessions

For long continual training sessions (>1h) where you’ll sweat a lot, such as a long run or in team sport.

Consume 1 scoop with 16oz water per hour. This will make a hypotonic drink focused on remaining no more than 2% dehydration

For high intensity or interval training

For more high intensity or interval type training like at a CrossFit gym or in sport

Consume 1 scoop with 8oz water to create a more isotonic drink that will provide energy and electrolytes to support muscle function

Don’t over-hydrate

Ensure you don’t over-hydrate by either sipping just small amounts through your workout. Only drink more if you start to get thirsty or you feel like you're sweating more than you're drinking.

Did you know:

Hydra+ makes a great tasting, low calorie, real food based drink ideal for mixing our HMB+ Creatine or our Beta Alanine products with?


Two myths about dehydration and performance:

1. Dehydration is bad for performance

Research shows that dehydration of up to 2% body weight is perfectly ok, and may even benefit performance as you’re a little lighter [].

2. You should drink lots of salty sports drinks to replace sodium lost in sweat

Studies on competing athletes show that blood salt (sodium) levels increase when you dehydrate. Also, consuming salt does very little to impact this sodium level [].

One thing that science is clear on is that water loss of more than 2% body weight will start to hamper performance. Hydra+ contains just a little sugar and sodium as they help your gut move water into your system faster. Using it tactically will help you maintain performance by staying in that 0-2% range.

What to expect:

A great natural taste

Hydra+ has a crisp, light fruit juice like taste and is made with real organic cane sugar so there is no stevia or sucralose aftertaste.

Expect some separation

It will mix well, but as it’s made with real fruit you will get some separation of fruit particles at the surface. This is completely normal.

Feel good

Using Hydra+ to keep you between 0-2% hydration level will make you feel great when training. Not bloated from over drinking or low and lethargic from over-dehydration.

Recover fast

Hydra+ contains the right balance of electrolytes and carbohydrates for easy absorption in the gut. Drinking it post training will kick start your recovery.

Real food ethos

Hydra+ is made with real food ingredients like coconut water and fruit - peace of mind if you try to stick to clean eating.

Free from common allergens

No dairy, nuts, gluten or wheat in sight.

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