How to get the most out of your Hydra+

Hydra+ is a versatile, science driven product with a focus on keeping you between 0-2% dehydrated, a zone shown in studies to be optimal for athletic performance.

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To stay between 0-2% hydrated when training, do the following:

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Sip Hydra+ throughout training, only increasing if you get thirsty

For longer duration (1h>) continuous, sweaty training (like a run) mix 1 scoop with 16oz water for each hour of work. This will get water into the system quickly

For high er intensity, shorter duration (~1h) training mix 1 scoop with ~8oz water to prioritize energy and electrolyte intake

Getting hydration scientifically correct

Two myths about dehydration and performance:

1. Dehydration is bad for performance

Research shows that dehydration of up to 2% body weight is perfectly ok, and may even benefit performance as you’re a little lighter [].

2. You should drink lots of salty sports drinks to replace sodium lost in sweat

Studies on competing athletes show that blood salt (sodium) levels increase when you dehydrate. Also, consuming salt does very little to impact this sodium level [].

Research shows that the most important action you can take to preserve your performance when dehydrated is to get water into your system quickly and maintain 0-2% dehydration. Hydra+ contains electrolytes as well as some sodium and carbs to make a hypotonic drink mix which will drive water into the system fast.

What to expect:


A great natural taste

Hydra+ has a crisp, light fruit juice like taste void of any stevia or sucralose aftertaste.


Expect some settling

It will mix well, but as it’s made with real fruit you will get some settling of fruit particles at the surface. This is completely normal.


Feel good

Using hydra+ to keep you between 0-2% hydration level will make you feel great when training. Not bloated from over drinking or low and lethargic from over-dehydration.


Recover fast

Hydra+ contains the electrolytes you need to replace what is lost, other than sodium. Drinking it post training will kick start your recovery.


A good balance

Hydra+ contains the right balance of electrolytes and carbohydrates for easy absorption in the gut. This is helped by it being based in real foods too.


Real food ethos

Hydra+ makes good use of real food ingredients like coconut water and fruit - peace of mind if you try to stick to clean eating.


Allergen free

No dairy, nuts, gluten or wheat in sight.