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Single Beet It Sport Nitrate 400 shot

Beet-It Sport

Beet Your Personal Best

Beet-It Sport is a natural performance enhancer designed for athletes. Consuming it 2-3 hours before training ensures the absorption of natural nitrates, which help make muscles more efficient and reduce the oxygen cost of exercise. This means athletes can maintain higher intensity levels with less effort, feeling more energetic and enduring for longer periods. Each 70ml bottle contains 400mg of nitrates, a dosage recommended by the International Olympic Committee for performance improvement. Made from simple beet and lemon juice, Beet-It Sport is additive-free, minimally processed, and digested just like real food.

Front of Blonyx HMB Sport bottle

HMB Sport

Enhanced Recovery and Muscle Maintenance

HMB Sport offers increased recovery and muscle maintenance, delivering a full 3g/day to protect against training-induced muscle damage and aging-related muscle loss. This results in less soreness, improved recovery, and more efficient training. HMB has been proven to increase strength and power, while also enhancing endurance performance and VO2 Max. HMB Sport is ideal for all athletes engaged in high-volume training across various sports, including endurance activities and strength-based disciplines.

Front of Blonyx Beta Alanine container

Beta Alanine

Improve Muscular Endurance and Work Capacity

Beta Alanine is for athletes seeking to push their limits. As a modified amino acid, it transforms into carnosine in muscles, acting as a buffer against lactic acid build-up. This buffering effect extends an athlete's time to exhaustion, especially during high-intensity training up to 5 minutes. Beta Alanine has also been shown to increase training volume, allowing athletes to achieve more reps during strength training. Found naturally in foods like meat and fish, Beta Alanine supplementation is a well-researched, effective way to enhance both endurance and strength performance.

Front of Blonyx Hydra+ container


Real Food Hydration and Energy

Hydra+ Energy & Electrolyte Drink is a versatile hydration solution, blending real-food ingredients for natural energy and a balanced electrolyte mix, crucial during prolonged or high-intensity activities and for post-training recovery. Tailored for sports performance, it's designed for both rehydrating and maintaining fluid and energy levels. Enjoy the refreshing taste of real mango and passionfruit, with the natural hydration qualities of coconut water, all free from artificial flavors for a clean, fruit juice-like experience. Hydra+ is thoughtfully allergen-free, excluding dairy, nuts, gluten, and wheat, accommodating various dietary needs.


Whole Food Athletic Nutrition

Multivit+ is an optimized nutritional supplement tailored for athletic performance. It acts as nutritional insurance on days when achieving optimal nutrition is a challenge, ensuring your performance remains unaffected, even with dietary inconsistencies. Formulated to meet the heightened vitamin and mineral needs of training athletes, Multivit+ supports muscle health, growth, adaptation, and function. It provides a comprehensive spectrum of essential micronutrients to fill dietary gaps. All macronutrients in Multivit+ are derived from natural, whole food sources, ensuring adherence to solid Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs). Packaged in veggie capsules, it aligns perfectly with the nutritional ideals of athletes, and is easy to incorporate into daily routines, ideally taken with or after meals for improved absorption

Improve Your Endurance Performance

The Benefits of Using These Products Together

Faster Recovery

Protection From Muscle Damage

Increased Muscular Efficiency and Lactic Acid Buffering

High Quality Nutrition

Supplementing With Real Food-Based Products

Blonyx HMB Sport and Beta Alanine have been game changers since adding them to my routine. I can feel a noticeable improvement in my oxygen capacity can train harder, go further - and feel great doing it.

Jenna Nestman
Elite road cyclist, Red Truck team rider


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