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Our mission is to help as many people as possible achieve their athletic ambition.

We'll do this by striving to create the best athlete experience in the sports nutrition industry. One that athletes feel in their performance, their progression and their lives.

How We Remain Committed to Our Mission

By Committing to Science

Our products must have a perceptible impact on your athletic progression.

To ensure this we meticulously scan human research, only using an ingredient when we have collected enough evidence showing it works to improve or support human performance.

By Committing to Human Performance

Blonyx is for people, like you, who train with purpose.

We are committed to providing simplicity, effective dosing and real-food ingredients whenever possible - all so you can perform at your best.

We aren't for people with purely aesthetic goals. It's just not in our DNA.

By Committing to Your Athletic Ambition

You trust in us to help you get better at your sport.

To honour this trust, we strive to create the best post-purchase experience in sports nutrition. One that ensures you use our products effectively, receive value outside of our products and get all the support you need when you need it.

How We Develop Our Products

We start by searching research databases for studies carried out on a potential new supplement ingredient. 

Once the studies have been collected, we filter out all animal and bench studies. These are weak indicators of if an ingredient works. 

Instead we collect human studies on individuals doing exercise, with placebo and double-blinded controls in place.

From there, we can identify patterns of positive results in the data. For example, 5+ similar studies with statistically positive results.

Lastly, we seek out the highest-quality sources of the target ingredient and manufacture the product in NSF for Sport-certified manufacturing facilities to protect athletes from contamination and banned substances.

Increase endurance

What is Athletic Ambition?

Whether it’s to race your first triathlon, compete in a functional fitness competition, ride that double black diamond or simply be able to play your sport as well as you can, for as long as you can - you have athletic ambition. YOU are an athlete!

Our Promise to You

Your athletic ambition is a very personal journey - it’s totally unique to you. It’s a pathway to becoming a stronger, more resilient version of yourself.

We want our athletes to have the best experience possible, not just from our products, but from us too. We pride ourselves on giving industry-leading pre and post-purchase support to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment with us.

We look forward to being a part of your journey.

Our Story

Blonyx was founded by Rowan Minnion, an athlete and exercise physiologist from the UK. 

Early in his career, his hard work gave him the opportunity to relocate to the US to play soccer and conduct research on sports nutrition products. Not long into his research, he discovered that the majority of claims made by the supplements he used weren’t backed by science. 

He turned his eyes to the industry as a whole, and what he found shocked him. Sports nutrition is, to this day, is virtually unregulated. Brands are free to sell products without evidence that they work to unsuspecting athletes, disregarding their trust. 

Knowing how personally important pursuing an athletic goal is, he set out to create a brand fully committed to helping people achieve their athletic goals. In 2011 Blonyx was born.

Today Rowan and his team’s obsession with sports science and a passion for helping others has establish Blonyx as a respected brand for people committed to their athletic ambition.

November 2011

Blonyx incorporated as a Canadian company and launched our first products in the US and Canada: HMB Sport and HMB+ Creatine. At this point, there were no offices and just 3 part-time team members.

July 2012

We introduced our products to the CrossFit community at the CrossFit Games in Carson, LA.

August 2015

We launched our third product, Beta Alanine and moved into our first office in Downtown Vancouver.

April 2016

After seeing a spike in demand in the EU, we opened our first European warehouse in the UK.

August 2016

At the height of the CrossFit boom, we welcomed wholesalers on board. Blonyx products are stocked in CrossFit gyms across North America and Europe.

August 2019

A chance encounter with a scientist in Vegas led to us co-creating the world’s first egg white protein isolate, a minimally processed, real food protein shake that tastes like chocolate milk.

April 2020

With gyms and athletic facilities closing due to COVID-19, WE switched focus to our online presence and supporting our customers virtually. Through this period, we also saw a shift in our customers as they took on other sports. We expanded our brand to focus on serving people with "athletic ambition".

November 2021

After years of testing and research, we launched Hydra+, an electrolyte drink mix that uses real food to provide sugars (from fruit), salts and electrolytes.

July 2022

We launched Multivit+ to provide athletes with a real-food source of vitamins and minerals that works as an insurance policy on those days you can't eat as well as you would like.

July 2023

We partnered with James White Drinks to launch Beet-It Sport in Canada and the USA. Beet-It Sport is used in research studies and by various professional sports teams and olympic athletes.

Our Core Values

Respect the Hustle

Work hard, execute, perform, be bold, make things happen.

Play as a Team

Support, communicate, share, contribute, coach, listen, understand and bond - and celebrate with noise because your success is everyone’s success.


Care about the work you do, about your team, about the Blonyx brand, the pursuit of athletic ambition and about the athletes we serve. Put your heart into it.

Be True to Your Word

Be integrous, respect others, do the right thing, practice honesty.

Own It

Own your work, your role, your effort, your successes and failures, your part. Practice accountability and dependability.

Commit to Your Athletic Ambition


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