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Blonyx Ambassador Program Guidelines

About our Program

The Blonyx Ambassador Program is a formal way for us to partner with influential individuals who love our brand and believe in what we are trying to do. At the basic level it’s a formal agreement to reward you for promoting Blonyx to the people you influence in your life. This promotion must be genuine, honest and real to be effective and can be done through many channels - not just your instagram account. 


In our program, everyone is treated equally regardless of athletic ability or perceived level of influence (e.g. instagram following). We find that only through working with people and building a good relationship do we really get to understand their true influence and value. In all cases, those that offer the most value, get the absolute most out of the program too. This comes in the form of friendships, experiences, personal development and a true sense of belonging. 


To us, our ambassadors are as integral to our business and culture as any one of our staff members. We also love the comradery, the inspiration and the energy that they bring to our community. 


Interested in joining our ambassador community? Read on...

Before you apply, think about the following:

1.Do you believe in our products?

We only sponsor individuals who have a history of using our products and truly love them. Feeling that promoting Blonyx to a friend is being "salesy" is a good sign you're not ready. True endorsement is genuinely believing that others should be taking what you take and not being shy about it. Remember: You don't stop telling friends to try a new food you like as it's being too salesy.

2.Are you an influencer?

Do you get regular questions from those around you? Questions on your training? What products to use? Which lifting shoes you like? Do people copy your style, habits, or routines? Do you actively teach, educate, improve or nurture others? If you do, chances are you’re an influencer... and guess what, this is rarely reflected in the number of followers you have.

3.Can you leverage your influence?

True influence is a measure of the number of people who trust what you are saying to the point they will act on it.

4.Are you willing to put work into this relationship?

The two-way street thing requires you to put in the continual effort to support our brand. Our support for you will not wilt over time, and neither should your representation for us. Be prepared to put in time on a very regular basis to support and promote us – Social media posts, telling your training partners about Blonyx, rocking our apparel at competitions, or talking to your gym-owner friends about Blonyx. This is the sort of weekly representation we are looking for.

5.Who does not make a good Ambassador?

As a company we generally focus on athletes, coaches, and influencers in the athletic and sporting community. We tend to stay away from aesthetic disciplines like body building and modelling as we are a brand that focuses on athletic performance. In terms of personalities, we don't sponsor athletes who approach us wanting to enter into what we call a professional athlete sponsorship deal (the type of deal where an athlete represents our brand in return for a large payment). We feel that this form of sponsorship goes against our values, as the money being offered taints the genuine advocacy of our products.

6.Who makes a great Ambassador?

We are interested in sponsoring anyone who has influence and stands by Blonyx. Influence can come a number of different ways:

  • Do you have a well read blog that aligns well with our brand?
  • Do you coach at a large gym and are always engaged with your community?
  • Are you an athlete who has a great following on-line and off-line?

We have found that those with real influence often don't think of themselves as being suitable for sponsorship. If you're unsure and want an opinion, drop us a line!

7.Our program and expectations

Our program is very simple - What you will get out of the program will match what you put into it. We actively measure the impact of your influence, and rewards are based on that. We also pay for your time if you work with us on projects that contribute to the growth of the Blonyx brand; This could be blog writing, social media pictures, participating in photo shoots or supporting us at an event. We hang our hat on communication, consistency, and integrity:

  • Have ideas or feedback? Going to a competition? We want to know about it.
  • We ask that your advocacy of Blonyx products remains consistent, through regular conversations and social media posts
  • We want to maintain integrity on our word, so as to remain aligned with our values

Applying to the Blonyx Ambassador Program

To apply to the Blonyx Ambassador Program, please fill out the form below.
If you have any questions on the program, please contact us.