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Blonyx Lacrosse Ball


Lacrosse balls are a great tool to help with mobility and muscle soreness. These firm rubber balls can be used to massage any problem areas and relieve pain, improve function in sore muscles, increase joint range of motion and more.

Think of them as your personal massage therapist, easy access to pain relief 24/7.

Product Details

  • Made from 100% natural rubber
  • Each ball is 63.5mm in diameter

    Blonyx Lacrosse Ball


    11 lacrosse ball stretches for injury recovery & maintenance on your body:

    Meet Jen Dieter, Physical Therapist and 8 times CrossFit Games athlete

    Warm up for running, jumping and improved balance

    Recover from foot pain

    Improve shoulder pain

    Fight back and hip pain

    Second stretch for back and hip pain

    Hip maintenance

    Improve lower back pain

    Pec stretch for upper body mobility

    Pec mobilization and shoulder pain stretch

    Reduce upper trap tightness

    Improve neck pain


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