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Top 10 Worst Stocking Stuffers of 2015

by Emily Beers on

Is counting calories enough?

by Rowan Minnion2 on

It seems like every successful athlete follows a specific nutrition plan, and the options are endless. Plenty count Macronutrients, determining the correct balance of carbs, fat, and protein...

How to get Blonyx in your box

by KT Trombetta on

We are proud to announce the launch of our new wholesaler web site: Blonyx is a supplement company that prides itself on doing “ass-backwards” supplement research and marketing....

#Infographic - Got Milk? Throw it Away!

by Rowan Minnion on

The USDA advises kids to drink at least 3 servings of milk/day & milk is commonly touted as a 'health food' crucial for good health; however, studies have...

#Infographic - The Bulletproof Diet

by Taryn Haggerston on

"Common dietary mistakes will sap your energy, lower your immunity, and make you cranky. Basic unsuspected foods can make you weak, soft, and fat. Replace them with Bulletproof...

#Infographic - The 'Food Pyramid' Traditional vs Paleo

by Taryn Haggerston on - 1 Comment

Who remembers learning about "Healthy Eating and Fitness" in high school? (or elementary school for that matter). If you do, chances are you remember the "Food Pyramid" i.e....

#Infographic - The Paleolithic Diet Explained

by Taryn Haggerston on

10 years ago if you asked someone about the paleo diet, or went on a hunt for paleo-friendly foods chances are you'd be shit out of luck most...

Infographic - The Ultimate Guide to Eating Paleo

by Taryn Haggerston on

Considering the Paleo Diet but don't know where to start? Trying to explain it to someone who thinks you're nuts? Want some guidelines for 'eating clean', even though...

Paleo? Zone? what next and why the confusion? #infographic

by admin on

When I was born my parent's had never eaten a mango and my mum swears there was no such thing as lactose intolerance. Now they search out organic fair...

My take on the Paleo diet. With infographic

by admin on - 1 Comment

The Paleo diet is nothing new (no comments about it having a looooong history please). I first heard of it in my early days as a personal trainer...

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