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Is counting calories enough?

Is counting calories enough?

It seems like every successful athlete follows a specific nutrition plan, and the options are endless.

Plenty count Macronutrients, determining the correct balance of carbs, fat, and protein for height, weight, and activity level, i.e. Nicole Capurso's circulating article, "How donuts gave me abs & an 80kg snatch." At one point, Paleo and CrossFit seemed synonymous, but rumor has it, when Dave Castro asked at the CrossFit Games how many competitors ate strict Paleo, a whopping zero raised their hands. If you get your Level 1 Certification, you'll surely learn the ins and outs of the Zone diet. Whole30 preaches zero processed food; Renaissance Periodization offers templates and personalized meal plans focused on calories, composition, and macronutrients, similar to Eat to Perform. Some athletes claim they simply count calories in and calories out. Although we all know the amount of food we're eating is important, counting calories often leads to under or over-eating and places restrictions on your body that don't take into account the way that you feel. There isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition; the best thing an athlete can do is listen to his or her body and find the plan that produces consistent performance.



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