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Infographic - The 'Food Pyramid' Traditional vs Paleo

Infographic - The 'Food Pyramid' Traditional vs Paleo

Who remembers learning about "Healthy Eating and Fitness" in high school? (or elementary school for that matter). If you do, chances are you remember the "Food Pyramid" i.e. 6-11 servings of grains/day, 2-4 of fruit, 3-5 of veggies etc etc.

Now I want you to think about how you currently eat (whether its paleo, zone, whatever you want), does it resemble the above pyramid? More and more people are switching away from our 'obsession' with High-Carb/Low-Fat diets and yet the pyramid shown above is still more commonly accepted and is what is being used to "teach" kids and teenagers how to "eat healthy".

Do you think the old pyramid should be removed and replaced with a more "paleo-style" food guide?