How to get Blonyx in your box

We are proud to announce the launch of our new wholesaler web site:
Blonyx is a supplement company that prides itself on doing “ass-backwards” supplement research and marketing. While most supplement companies look at the market, find out where the demand is, create a product and then sell it, Blonyx uses a different method. As exercise and sport physiologists, we look first at what leading research is bringing to the forefront of supplementation and nutrition, and then create a supplement based on scientific peer reviewed studies, test it on athletes, and thus create demand ourselves. In a world of protein, post-workout and pre-workout recycled jargon, Blonyx can always be trusted to supply athletes with pure, effective supplements backed by legitimate research. The Blonyx Wholesale Program is as simple as providing these supplements to boxes in bulk while allowing the owners to receive discounted wholesale rates. For all info on Blonyx Wholesale, check out our website at


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