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Physio Recommended: 5 Must Have Tools For Injury Recovery

Physio Recommended: 5 Must Have Tools For Injury Recovery

Physio Recommended: 5 Must Have Tools For Injury Recovery

Injuries are a reality every athlete must face. But the road to recovery will vary across individuals as athletes deploy different methods for injury recovery, some better than others. 

To help make sure your road to recovery is as efficient as possible,  we asked Jen Dieter, physiotherapist, 6x CrossFit Games competitor, and Blonyx Ambassador, about her 5 must have tools for injury recovery. 

Here are what she said were some of her favourites: 

1. Lacrosse ball

These small compact rubber balls are used by athletes to roll out tight muscles and are a very quick and easy way to relieve tension.

“I have these everywhere, in part because my boys play lacrosse and in part because I use them to roll out tight the car, on the floor, at work, in the gym,” says Jen.“It’s a lifesaver and very portable.”

2. IASTM Rocktape Mohawk (Tissue Scraper)

IASTM ( Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization) tissue scrapers are used to help your body heal from soft tissue injuries caused by trauma or overuse. 

Jen explained, “I love this tool to help downregulate the nervous system and improve muscle tone. I use this in areas where I feel tight, with a slow and deep motion to help the muscle relax and normalize.” 

3. Rocktape (Kinesiology tape)

Kinesiology tape is placed around areas of the body that require support and effectively reduces swelling, minimizes pain and in some cases can greatly improve performance.

“I use this to help with painful areas and to help as a neuromuscular reminder to fight some of those postural bad habits that I have.” 

4. Foam Roller

Foam rollers are one of the most common and low cost injury recovery and prevention tools. 

“I start every day with this,” Jen said.” I mobilize my thoracic spine, roll over my hips, glutes and quads, and hit the tight areas around my shoulders and abs as well. It also doubles as a great stability trainer when you use it as an unstable surface.”

5. Creatine + HMB

If you’re looking to minimize damage while repairing muscle and actively building strength, the creatine HMB combo can’t be beat. 

“This is the stuff! In my household my 17 year old calls it the ‘muscle builder’. It’s a staple in my house and I’ve been using it for 7 years to help with my recovery and performance. My sister is a pharmacist and CrossFitter and she did the research for me and found the best, cleanest brand. I don’t have to cycle off of it. I have been taking it daily since then. I have also allowed my son to take it as he is an avid athlete as well and I trust the product.”

Learn more about HMB+ Creatine here. 

Recovering from an injury? Check out how HMB can help you get back to training, faster. 


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