New Blonyx Athlete: Noah Pester

We are proud to announce yet another athlete to the Blonyx fold: Noah Pester!

Noah, who came 39th at the 2011 ******** Games is a big personality in the Pacific North West ******** community both on the competitive scene and as the successful owner of ******** Marysville. We lost our voices at the 2012 regionals cheering him on... so close my friend!


This is what Noah had to say about HMB+ Creatine:


“Within just one month of taking HMB+creatine I began to notice my strength increasing. Even more importantly to me I seemed to recover a lot quicker from day to day training. I will continue to use Blonyx to help me get back to the ******** Games."


Here is Noah doing DT at #155.



Welcome to the team Noah!



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