CrossFitters CAN jump.

There's no doubt that with a 117" standing broad jump, Nate Schrader, Blonyx ambassador and CrossFit Games competitor, is an elite athlete. When we compare him to long-time standing broad jump world record holder 

Arne Tvervaag's 146" broad jump record set in 1968, for a CrossFit athlete who clean and jerks 380lbs, has a 555lb deadlift, and a 2:28 Fran, Nate's distance of 9.75ft is respectable and downright impressive. Arne's record was recently broken by Byron Jones at the 2015 NFL Combine, who jumped 147", breaking the record by a mere inch. One thing is for sure, the level of athleticism in athletes across the board continues to grow exponentially, and CrossFit athletes are at the front of the pack.





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