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Blonyx HMB+ Creatine

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HMB+ Creatine will make you a stronger, more powerful athlete able to train harder and recover faster. Creatine monohydrate increases your explosive strength and power output for high-impact activities like sprinting and weightlifting, while HMB reduces muscle damage and soreness from training, so you need less time to recover. When combined, HMB and creatine monohydrate also decrease your risk of injury by preserving your muscle integrity.


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For strength athletes

HMB+ Creatine will make you feel stronger, increase the amount you can lift, reduce your risk of injury and preserve your strength during downtime, so you can progress more quickly.

"When I first made the CrossFit Games, I wanted to take everything I could to help me perform and recover better. A pharmacist who’s also a CrossFit athlete told me about Blonyx, and I really like HMB+ Creatine because the ingredients are pure. I’ve been taking it for 9 years now."

Jen Dieter, 8x CrossFit Games masters athlete and world record weightlifter

For endurance athletes

HMB+ Creatine will improve your muscle endurance, give you more energy and reduce your risk of injury, so you can push harder for longer on the bike, while running or when hitting the trails.

"As a professional cyclist, taking HMB + Creatine has greatly increased my work capacity and enhanced my recovery. I feel it's played a critical role in improving my repetitive sprint performance, which is a crucial part of racing."

– Jenna Nestman, Professional Cyclist

For hybrid athletes

For hybrid, adventure, and team sport athletes, HMB+ Creatine will allow you to play harder, perform at a higher level for longer and reduce your risk of injury, so you can adapt more easily and bounce back faster, especially in contact sports.

“HMB+ Creatine allows me to maintain my muscle mass, which helps me achieve my goals in the gym and on the bike. I love that the ingredients are clean and simple, so I never have to worry about what I’m putting into my body.”

– Teigen Pascual, Professional BMX racer

What you get in your first order
  • 1 HMB+ Creatine
  • 1 HMB+ Creatine user guide
  • 1 recovery lacrosse ball
  • Weekly communication on optimal HMB+ Creatine use and expected results
  • Weekly sports nutrition research updates

Blonyx HMB+ Creatine


What You Get From Us

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Step-by-step guided support

You'll get an HMB+ Creatine user guide and first-month guidance to ensure you see a positive impact on your performance.

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Better performance guarantee

If you use HMB+ Creatine as directed and don't see a positive impact on your performance, we’ll refund your money.

More About HMB+ Creatine

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3g of HMB and 5g of creatine 

This is the amount needed to improve strength, power output and recovery.

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30-day supply

There's 60 servings in every tub of HMB+ Creatine. Take 2 per day, every day.

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A clean product

HMB+ Creatine is additive and flavouring-free, vegan, and banned substance tested.

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Increases strength and power

Creatine provides your muscles with more energy for high-impact, explosive movements.

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Improves endurance performance

Creatine saturates your muscle energy stores and increases your muscle endurance.

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Shortens recovery times

HMB reduces muscle damage, speeds up protein production and preserves your muscle integrity.

The Basics

What is HMB?

Beta‐hydroxy beta‐methylbutyrate (HMB) is a well-studied compound that protects against muscle damage from training and reduces soreness. It’s derived from leucine, one of the three essential branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). BCAAs are vital for protein synthesis, muscle growth and muscle repair.

Supplementing with 3g of HMB daily slows muscle protein breakdown and increases new protein production, which shortens your recovery time and helps you increase the intensity and frequency of your training.

Calcium HMB (the kind used in HMB+ Creatine and HMB Sport) is also shown to be the most effective form of HMB since your body absorbs it more quickly and uses it more efficiently than other forms of the compound.

What is creatine monohydrate?

Creatine monohydrate is the most researched form of creatine and is proven to increase strength and power output. It’s a naturally occurring compound made by the body and found in foods like meat, fish and dairy used by the body to form adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which provides your cells with energy for muscle contractions.

Supplementing with 5g of creatine monohydrate daily increases your ATP production beyond levels achievable with diet alone and gives you more energy for powerful, explosive movements.

How do I take HMB+ Creatine for the best results?

Take 1 scoop twice daily, in the morning and the evening, ideally with or after food. Mix each scoop with approximately 8oz (1 cup) of any liquid.

Check out our HMB+ Creatine User Guide for more detailed usage instructions.

When will I see results from taking HMB+ Creatine?

You’ll start to notice an increase in your strength and power within 1–2 weeks of taking HMB+ Creatine daily. You may also appear slightly more muscular in this time.

After 3 weeks, you’ll notice you’re less sore after training and don’t need to recover for as long.

After 4+ weeks of consistent use, you’ll be stronger, faster and able to train more frequently at a higher intensity. 

You might notice the effects of taking HMB+ Creatine more quickly when you pair it with our other performance products like Beta Alanine.

What are the ingredients in HMB+ Creatine?

Each serving of HMB+ Creatine contains:

  • 1.5g Calcium HMB (beta‐hydroxy beta‐methylbutyrate)
  • 2.5g Creatine Monohydrate (aminoiminomethyl-N-methylglycine monohydrate)
Does HMB+ Creatine have any side effects?

Taking creatine monohydrate on an empty stomach can cause gastrointestinal discomfort. That’s why we always recommend taking HMB+ Creatine with or after food.

Creatine monohydrate can lead to a small amount of weight gain since it binds to water in your muscles. If you absolutely want to avoid this, try our HMB Sport instead.

How do I manage my subscription?

When you subscribe to recurring orders, you'll receive an email with a link to create your Blonyx account.

Once created, you can change things like:

  • What's included in your subscription
  • How often your subscription renews
  • When your subscription gets delivered

You can also cancel your subscription in your Blonyx account.

Blonyx HMB+ Creatine user guide video preview

Watch the Video

Learn what HMB+ Creatine is, what's in it and how it can help you achieve your athletic ambition.

What the Research Shows

HMB and creatine increase strength when combined with resistance training

HMB and creatine help build muscle and strength when paired with resistance training, but they work in different ways. Creatine provides more energy for quick, intense activities like lifting weights, which makes training harder and building muscle easier. HMB, on the other hand, helps protect and preserve muscles, making it easier to recover from training sessions. When taken together, they complement each other, leading to greater gains in muscle size and strength than using either one alone.

HMB and creatine improve endurance performance in runners, cyclists and triathletes

When taken together, HMB and creatine show promising results in improving endurance performance in athletes. Over a 10-week study, elite rowers who supplemented with both HMB and creatine were able to produce more power at higher levels of exertion compared to those taking either supplement alone or not at all. The combination helps athletes push harder and perform better during high-intensity, prolonged activities, which translates to other endurance sports such as running, cycling and triathlon.

HMB and creatine increases muscle development with strength training

Creatine and HMB, when combined and used together with strength training, can accelerate muscle mass gains. Some studies have shown this combination to enhance strength and improve body composition by increasing muscle mass and reducing fat. Although results can vary, taking creatine and HMB together for a few weeks can help athletes see quicker improvements in their physical performance and muscle development compared to using each supplement individually.

HMB reduces recovery times by protecting against exercise-induced muscle damage

HMB helps reduce recovery times by protecting against exercise-induced muscle damage (EIMD). By decreasing markers of muscle damage such as creatine kinase and lactate dehydrogenase, HMB minimizes inflammation and oxidative stress in the muscles. This protection allows for faster recovery and less soreness after training, making it easier for athletes to maintain their training schedule without extended downtime.

Creatine is shown to improve brain function and memory

Creatine supplementation is shown to improve brain function and memory, especially in older adults. The brain, which is highly demanding in terms of energy, benefits from increased creatine levels that support its metabolic needs. Studies show that when healthy individuals take creatine, especially those aged 66 to 76, they show significant improvements in memory tests compared to younger individuals and those on a placebo. This suggests that creatine can be a valuable supplement for enhancing cognitive function and memory by boosting the brain's energy capacity.

Compete with Confidence

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Our manufacturing facilities are Health Canada registered.*

GMP Certified badge

Our manufacturing facilities are NSF for Sport GMP registered.*

Banned substance tested badge

Every batch is tested by a reputable, independent lab and confirmed to be free of banned substances and contaminants. See the results.

Cyclist looking out over North Vancouver and the Lions Gate Bridge
Cyclist looking out over North Vancouver and the Lions Gate Bridge

Why Endurance Athletes Should Take Creatine

What Our Customers Are Saying

Customer Reviews

Based on 173 reviews
Kieran Moore
HMB+ Creatine

I have taken creatine for years but the inclusion of HMB with the blonyx creatine has been a game changer for my training. Combining both weightlifting with ultra endurance requires a lot of my body and has the potential to cause a lot of fatigue and muscle breakdown.

Using the HMB+ Creatine has helped to minimise this and keep me training hard and recovering fast. It helps me keep my muscle mass up, recover faster and stay strong even during high volumes of training and competing.

Jorian Noso

Blonyx HMB+ Creatine

HMB+Creatine along with beta alanine = success

66yo avid cyclist. I haven’t changed anything about my training this year except adding these Blonyx supplements. Setting new PRs for power, as well as on Strava segments. I don’t think it’s a coincidence…

Delia Romano

Great supplement , helping with my workouts , great to know they are clean


A full 3g of hmb - I haven’t found another hmb creatine product with the full 3g, and you can tell the difference

Alina Trostinska

Blonyx HMB+ Creatine

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