"Our top athletes are seeing amazing results and we are blowing through our stock Blonyx at CFNE! I am super impressed with the focus on research backed ingredients and keeping the product simple."

Ben Bergeron - CrossFit New England


"I’ve been taking Blonyx Creatine and HMB for 10 months now. I've continued to see an increase in my strength numbers and endurance. Blonyx helps me recover faster and train harder. I won't go a day without it!"

Danielle Horan - Champlain Valley CrossFit and CrossFit Games competitor


"Without a doubt HMB is the best and most effective product I have ever taken. I can honestly say I have never been so excited to share my results I have had with HMB to my clients and other athletes."

Sam Dancer - QTown CrossFit and CrossFit Conjugate, CrossFit Games competitor


"I'm learning that Blonyx HMB+ Creatine product is a great tool for strength development. I've seen some solid progress while using the product and plan on keeping it as one of my daily supplements."

Nate Schrader - Iron Forged Athletics and CrossFit Games competitor


"As games athletes, the products we use will inevitably influence the buying decisions of our members and other aspiring athletes. Carrying Blonyx at CDR ensures that our athletes have access to products we have tested and now use on a regular basis: Products that are clean, safe, well researched, easy to understand and work."

Calvin Davis - CrossFit CDR Redlands and CrossFit Games competitor 


Third Party Reviews on Blonyx Products