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Cyclist looking out over the Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver

The Ride: A Love Letter to Cycling in Vancouver


Riding in Vancouver is nothing short of world-class.

It has everything you could want as a cyclist, from straights and hills along the ocean to winding roads through lush forests and towering mountains—all within a few kilometres of a diverse, bustling city. 

We teamed up with four talented cyclists to share the experience of riding Vancouver’s most iconic routes: Stanley Park Loop, Spanish Banks-UBC, Demonstration Forest and Horseshoe Bay-Whytecliff Park.

We’d like to thank our cyclists and team partners for helping us bring this project to life:

Stuart Bagnall of Bespoke Cycling Club

Bronwyn Davies of Samsara Cycle Club

Ashley McKerrow of Lotus Cycling Club

Aydin Rezazadeh of Glotman Simpson Cycling



Stuart Bagnall: “When I think about riding in Vancouver, I always think about the Stanley Park ride.

We start downtown, and within a few minutes, we're riding around this old-growth forest.

You have the climbs, we have the descents. You can see the ocean view.

To me, it has everything.”

Bronwyn Davies: One of my favourite all-time places to ride in Vancouver is along Spanish Banks. 

It's this beautiful stretch of pin-flat road. 

We've got the ocean, the mountains, and you see the city in the distance.

Plus, you have this amazing hill that goes all the way up to UBC that really gets your heart rate pumping.

It ends at the Anthropology Museum and it gives you an amazing sense of accomplishment.”

Ashley McKerrow: “I love riding Demo Forest because there's nobody in there except for other cyclists and a few walkers.

You can go as fast as you want around the corners because there's no traffic.

You're riding between the trees, so it's a very epic feeling to be out in the wilderness.

It's definitely a push because there's climbs and corners and descents.

You get to climb at the very end to the top and get to see the great view of the dam and the forest around you.”

Aydin Rezazadeh: “I absolutely love the ride out to Whitecliff Park along Marine Drive.

It's everything from stopping for coffee at Isetta, to the rolling hills, the trees around you, and the views over the ocean.

It's the type of ride I say that everyone has to do when they come to Vancouver.”


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