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Your Go-To Warm Up Routine

by Quinn Rothman on

Want to make sure you're ready for a workout, but never know how to warm your body up properly? Here's an easy and efficient warm up to get...

How Tall Do You Need to Be to Win the CrossFit Games?

by Emily Beers on - 2 Comments

CrossFit Games Athlete Thigh Circumference vs. Strength: How do you stack up?

by Emily Beers on - 5 Comments

How to Turn Double-Unders into "Rest"

by Emily Beers on

CrossFit Games Open 2 Phase Warm-Up

by Quinn Rothman on

Looking for a new way to get ahead this CrossFit Games Open? Why not start before your workout, with a solid warm up. Brandon Petersen of CrossFit free created...

How HMB Can Help You Build Strength

by Bernadette Larose on

We’re all looking for that edge when it comes to strength training.  This is where HMB comes in, an incredibly well-researched supplement that can help you build muscle...

Why Aging Athletes Need More Protein

by Bernadette Larose on

You need more high quality protein in your diet as you age Aging has many undesirable effects on the body, and muscle loss probably tops the list for...

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Taking Creatine As An Endurance Athlete

by Quinn Rothman on

If you're an endurance athlete chances are you stay away from that well known bodybuilding supplement creatine - but you may be making a mistake! The International Society...

5 Reasons CrossFitters Should Take Beta Alanine

by Quinn Rothman on

From creatine, to protein powder, BCAAs to pre-workouts, CrossFitters are no strangers to regular supplementation in their diet. But there is one supplement often overlooked by many CrossFitters:...

Joe Scali: A New Path

by Quinn Rothman on

Joe’s favourite Blonyx products : HMB+ Creatine and Beta Alanine Joe Scali is anything but subtle. He’s explosive, strong spoken, and always ready to crack a joke. In...