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Infographic - Strains vs Sprains (and how to treat them)

Infographic - Strains vs Sprains (and how to treat them)

Injuries suck, theres no denying that, and its especially difficult to watch as the people you train with/compete against continue to grow and improve while you are rehabbing an injury. There has been some disagreement over the years over certain aspects pof the recovery process

e.g. ice vs no ice

but some things are undeniable, like the fact that a key part of success and longevity as an athlete is taking proper care of the body and not sacrificing long term health for short term successes.

But not all injuries shoudl be treated the same, and what is good for one may be harmful for another depending on the circumstances. Check out this infographic about strains vs sprains, how to tell the difference and what should be done to treat both types of injuries

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