#Infographic - 'A 'non-crossfitters' Guide to Crossfit'

Originally this was designed for the Crossfit games (as you can no doubt tell from the title) BUT we figured this was a good time to share it as it can also be used to help 'non-Crossfitters' understand what the..... we are going on about when we start talking Crossfit. Sick of trying to explain what a

  • "thruster"
  • "Goat"
  • "WOD"
  • "AMRAP" or
  • "HSPU" 


Check out this awesome Infographic complete with diagrams/pictures/glossary of terms and make sure to share it with any of your friends/family/coworkers who keep asking you "what "x" is"....

Rowan Minnion
Rowan Minnion


Background: Rowan spent far too long as a research scientist and now knows way too much about exercise physiology, supplementation and human performance. Lucky for us he channeled his nerdiness to found Blonyx… keeping him out of trouble. For fun: Snowboards and mountain bikes the most extreme terrain imaginable (according to him), plays football (soccer to you), trains at CrossFit 604 in Vancouver, BC. Known for: Being a British chap, being the same height as Josh Bridges (-1 inch).

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