Why Blonyx Egg White Protein Isolate?

A lactose-free, gluten-free, minimally-processed protein supplement made for athletes. As close to real food as it gets.


1. It’s not like other protein powders, let alone other egg white protein powders

Our egg white protein isolate is the first of a “new age” of protein powders. Protein powders are generally highly processed, and we have solved this issue. The new filtering technology we use means very light processing to extract the bad taste (no heavy chemicals, lots of steps, heating etc.). This means that we don’t have to use a big list of additives to make it taste good, and the egg whites remain intact.

The result is a protein that provides a similar nutritional value as eating egg whites post training (six eggs worth per serving to be exact). The quality, digestibility and natural “food like” taste is still all there.

2. It’s built for recovery from training (which we know isn’t for everyone)

We have taken a big risk with our egg white protein isolate. Rather than use stevia, or other extracted sweeteners, we have added organic cane sugar.

This is because it better aligns with the science on muscle recovery.

Exercise uses up your body glycogen (glucose) stores (yes, even if you follow a low carb diet). Right after training your muscles do something they don’t normally do to replenish these stores: They start taking glucose (sugar) out of your bloodstream WITHOUT insulin.

Furthermore, if your muscles don’t get the glucose they want, they start to use protein instead (gluconeogenesis). This means less of what you take will be used for building and repairing muscle.

It’s worth noting that research on how this translates to performance is currently lacking, but we follow this hypothesis: If you refuel what you use quickly and also provide all the protein you need on top of that, you’re ensuring your macro intake isn’t holding you back.

For those worried about weight gain - calorie-wise, the added sugar makes little difference (10-20 calories) compared to a stevia sweetened whey protein shake.

3. Quality of product

The old saying: "You get what you pay for" rings true in the supplement industry.

We know that Blonyx Egg White Protein Isolate isn’t the cheapest supplement on the market and this is because of the extra investment we make to ensure it’s one of the best.


Purchasing the highest quality and purity ingredients

Paying more to use the highest quality manufacturing facility (NSF for sport certified and fully compliant to all GMPs)

Investing in independent finished product lab tests to ensure quality before the product hits the shelves

3rd party independent banned substance testing

Licensing our products properly through Health Canada (requires research and lab testing)

4. Minimal use of additives

We don't use a single synthetic additive in our Egg White Protein. Additives are chemicals that can harm the body. They can be used to increase shelf life and make a product easier to manufacture. Keeping our product clean increases costs to us, but we feel your performance is worth it.

5. Brand reputation

The quality of our Egg White Protein Isolate reflects the quality of our brand. We serve people like you who are striving to be their absolute best, so if we don't provide you with the absolute best egg white protein product on the market, we aren't doing you or our brand justice.

6. Protection against contamination

Contamination has happened to even the biggest brands on the market.

To minimise the risk, we use certifications and testing. Product doesn’t leave the manufacturing facility until we see lab tests confirming there is no contamination of our products. This costs us more, but what would you rather?

7. Brand responsibilities

Working with elite level athletes has become part of our daily life. We match the trust they put in us by regularly testing our products for banned substances.

8. Supporting a company that you believe in

In buying Blonyx Egg White Protein Isolate, you are voting for a positive change in the industry. As we grow in customers, we hope more brands will follow suit, raising quality expectations and the importance of properly researched and tested supplements.

Ultimately we are about helping as many people as possible achieve their athletic ambition. If we don’t produce products that work, are safe to take and are high quality, then we aren’t fulfilling our obligation to you.

Learn more about our story and values here.

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