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1.Quality of product

The old saying: "You get what you pay for" rings true in the supplement industry.

Blonyx Beta Alanine isn’t the cheapest on the market and this is because of the extra investment we make to ensure it’s the best.


    Purchasing a higher quality/purity raw Beta Alanine

    Paying more to use the highest quality manufacturing facility (NSF for sport certified, Informed Choice certified and fully compliant to all regulations)

    Investing in independent finished product lab tests to ensure quality before the product hits the shelves

    3rd party independent banned substance testing

    Licensing our products properly through Health Canada (requires research and lab testing)

2.Minimal use of additives

Blonyx Beta Alanine doesn’t contain a single additive. Additives can be used to increase shelf life and make a product easier to manufacture. Keeping our product clean increases costs to us, but we feel it's worth it.

3.Brand reputation

The quality of our beta alanine reflects the quality of our brand. We serve athletes like you who are striving to be their absolute best, so if we don’t provide you with the absolute best beta alanine on the market, we aren’t doing our brand justice.

4.Protection against contamination

Contamination has happened to even the biggest brands on the market, Just ask the guys from Vega.

To minimise the risk, we use certifications and testing. Product doesn’t leave the manufacturing facility until we see lab tests confirming there is no contamination of our products. This costs us more, but what would you rather?

5.Brand responsibilities

Working with elite level athletes has become part of our daily life. We match the trust they put in us by fully testing our products for banned substances at a WADA/IOC accredited lab (LGC).

6.Supporting a company that you believe in

In buying Blonyx Beta Alanine, you are voting for a positive change in the industry. As we grow in customer number so more brands will follow suit, raising quality expectations and the importance of properly researched supplements.

Ultimately we are about changing this industry to start showing more respect to the athletes it serves. With your support we can make this change ubiquitous.

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Blonyx S16 Men's Shirt - Maroon
heine jansen van rensburg
Blonyx s16 Men's Shirt

True fit so size and a great fit to. Love it


Clean protein, don’t feel groggy or bloated after consumption, I’ve tried many different protein products including the “vegan” and “natural” proteins however found my body was unable to digest them properly. Amazing taste, filling! Great right before a heavy duty CrossFit workout or right after. I look forward to protein time now! Thank you Blonyx!

Blonyx HMB Sport
Karanpreet Baraich
My experience with HMB Sport

The product is reliable and it gives results, I do like it and would recommend it to those who are serious about working out.

The best tasting Protein isolate

I am always looking for a protein isolate that tastes smooth with not funny after
taste. I wanted something I could use regularly that tasted great and I found it with Blonyx Egg White Protein isolate. Love the taste and the nice clean ingredients. Absolutely the best i have tasted. I am hooked.


Awesome shirt and comfortable!!