Victor Nuñez - Sales & Marketing Manager

I take HMB Sport, Egg White Protein, HMB+Creatine.

Highlights: Former NCAA Linebacker Victor brings the clout to the Blonyx sales team. An avid sports fan, you'll find Vic cheering on his beloved Toronto Raptors or Philadelphia Eagles whenever there’s a game on... or a rerun... or they are mentioned.

For fun: Adventuring around BC and exploring the world with his other half, and doing CrossFit (but only 1x a week - because that’s enough, apparently).

Known for: Eating any and all baked goods in sight and having an unhealthy attachment to an apple green Blonyx shirt he owns.

Athletic Ambition: To take down any flag football team he comes across and to be as fit as his kids as they grow up.

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Tasty & filling

I can't use whey protein and have found vegan protein to be gross tasting - this is a great option. It tastes good and I actually find it satiating, which I have rarely found for protein powders in the past.

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Useful Supplement

Yep, find this mix of creatine and HMB does a good job. Smells odd and I find I have to mix it into a smoothie but hey, it’s not cordon bleu cooking.

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I have never received it yet!