Quinn Rothman

Quinn Rothman - Digital Marketing and Media Coordinator

I take HMB Sport and Egg White Protein.

Highlights: As the digital marketing and media coordinator Quinn came to Blonyx marrying her love for all things sports and marketing. She received her masters in marketing from the Schulich School of Business in Toronto and her undergrad in psychology at McGill. On the athletic side, she spent 10 years as a competitive gymnast and moved on to cheerleading and ultimate frisbee.

For Fun: Quinn loves to travel, and the more remote the destination, the better. She’s always up for the next big adventure.

Known for: Always being injured in some way or another.

Athletic Ambition: As a newcomer to Vancouver, her current ambition is to expand her athletic portfolio to include outdoor sports like rock climbing, skiing, mountain biking and surfing. She’s also itching to get back in the gym and see if she can regain any of her old flips and tricks.

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Tasty & filling

I can't use whey protein and have found vegan protein to be gross tasting - this is a great option. It tastes good and I actually find it satiating, which I have rarely found for protein powders in the past.

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Useful Supplement

Yep, find this mix of creatine and HMB does a good job. Smells odd and I find I have to mix it into a smoothie but hey, it’s not cordon bleu cooking.

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I have never received it yet!