Laura Clarke - UK Ambassador and Community Manager

Highlights: Food loving Msci physicist geek Laura has a split personality. By day she’s boss lady running an engineering company and by night she’s a fitness fanatic leading the UK Blonyx community by example.

For fun: Being the best judge in the northern hemisphere (of Nottingham), festival goer, all singing and dancing queen of indulgence. All or nothing there is no halfway with her!

Known for: Having saggy capsules in her shoulders - the only reason she hasn’t yet been to the CrossFit Games (as a spectator); being an athlete while still managing to indulge in the finer things in life (food and wine obvs! And plenty of holidays!)

Athletic Ambition: To overcome adversity and get back to "pre-shoulder" level training (We’re with you all the way Laura!)

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Most amazing protein powder ever!

Wow just wow! Tastes just like chocolate milk. No weird after taste at all. This is all I'm getting from now on! Thank you Blonyx!

Blonyx HMB Sport

Love it!

Got the Tank Top for my partner and she absolutely loves it! Very comfortable for working out in.
Highly recommended!

Great Product

This product definitely improves workout performance. I have been taking Blonyx HMB+Creatine for 2 years now and have noticed that my CrossFit workouts have gotten steadily better even though I just turned 60 years old. I often rank above fellow CrossFitters that are 20 years younger than me. I get body fat testing done several times a year and have maintained and improved skeletal muscle mass over this time period. I would highly recommend this product for men in their 50-60's for preventing that decline in muscle mass that comes with age.

Tasty & filling

I can't use whey protein and have found vegan protein to be gross tasting - this is a great option. It tastes good and I actually find it satiating, which I have rarely found for protein powders in the past.