Kreig Yeh - Digital Marketing and Media Manager

Highlights: Kreig comes to the Blonyx team having competed in various sports such as football, rowing, and most recently bobsleigh as a Team Canada athlete. His professional background includes having worked for a start-up, a mid-size, RBC and KPMG Canada, alongside consulting and building a health-based passion project, Vancity Health, on the side.

For fun: Captaining and playing for a wealth of flag football teams, hiking, lifting, sprinting, routinely trying out new sports (such as full-contact quidditch) and mostly anything outdoors.

Known for: Being sporty, nerdy, into investing and tech, and wanting to open and/or run the business side of an integrated health clinic one day.

Athletic Ambition: Training to represent Canada in bobsleigh and flag football, but more so to stay in shape and be the fastest sprinter on the field.

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