John Abreu - Director of Sales and Strategic Partnerships

I take HMB Sport, Beta Alanine, and Egg White Protein.

Highlights: John comes to Blonyx from a high-performance sport background having worked in the NCAA, the Canadian Sports Institute, BC Rugby and with the Canadian slopestyle snowboard team - although he’s too modest to tell you all that. An accomplished strength and conditioning coach and Blonyx advocate, he has an extraordinary ability to get a case of Blonyx in your hands, then properly lift it.

For fun: Referees (and sometime plays) rugby, attempts to keep up with the pros on his snowboard, drinks a craft beer or two and guest lectures on sport and performance at local universities.

Known for: Uncanny ability to quote The Simpsons, and being our Spanish-speaking liaison officer.

Athletic Ambition: To continue to play and referee rugby at a high level.

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