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Ecommerce Operations Coordinator

Bria Shannon

I take HMB Sport, Egg White Protein and Hydra+.

Highlights: Born and raised in Alberta, Bria moved to BC to study kinesiology. She fell in love with the west coast lifestyle and decided to stay. Bria grew up competing as a track athlete specializing in the long distance events. After graduating, she was motivated to combine her love of running with hiking in the mountains. Bria now races ultramarathons.

For fun: In her free time, Bria can likely be found running in the Sea to Sky mountains. If not running, then she is probably playing with her dog, hunting for the best brunch in BC, or attempting to learn how to gravel bike.

Known for: Always fitting in a run before a 9 AM meeting

Athletic Ambition: To continue racing in ultramarathons ranging from 50kms in length and up

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