Bernadette Larose - Manager, Brand & Marketing Strategy

I take Egg White Protein, Beta Alanine.

Highlights: With a background in television and commercial video production, Berna cut her teeth in the media industry in Calgary. She then swapped her Cowboy Boots for Blundstones, moving to the west coast to take on the sports media world with Rugby Canada and BC Hockey before joining the Blonyx team in late 2020. 

For fun: On the basketball court or the local trails, find Berna doing anything active as long as there’s some buds and even more brews to go along with it. 

Known for: Always armed with a cheeky comment or a piece of useless pop culture trivia.

Athletic Ambition: Stay in game-shape just in case she gets called up to the WNBA

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Blonyx S16 Men's Shirt - Maroon
heine jansen van rensburg
Blonyx s16 Men's Shirt

True fit so size and a great fit to. Love it


Clean protein, don’t feel groggy or bloated after consumption, I’ve tried many different protein products including the “vegan” and “natural” proteins however found my body was unable to digest them properly. Amazing taste, filling! Great right before a heavy duty CrossFit workout or right after. I look forward to protein time now! Thank you Blonyx!

Blonyx HMB Sport
Karanpreet Baraich
My experience with HMB Sport

The product is reliable and it gives results, I do like it and would recommend it to those who are serious about working out.

The best tasting Protein isolate

I am always looking for a protein isolate that tastes smooth with not funny after
taste. I wanted something I could use regularly that tasted great and I found it with Blonyx Egg White Protein isolate. Love the taste and the nice clean ingredients. Absolutely the best i have tasted. I am hooked.


Awesome shirt and comfortable!!