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Our Story

Blonyx was founded by Rowan Minnion, an athlete and biomedical scientist. When Rowan started on his athletic career his interest in sports nutrition peaked and he embarked on a year long scientific study to understand which supplements worked to increase performance.

After finishing his work and publishing his findings, Rowan went down to his local supplement store to buy the products he now knew would benefit him. He wasn’t prepared for what he saw: shelves and shelves of products making claims he knew weren’t tested or were simply false. 

Most brands put making money ahead of you and your performance goals.

The sports nutrition industry is unregulated, there is no one protecting you from brands selling products that don’t work, are under-dosed, aren’t aligned with the science, or are even harmful.

This isn’t how it should be.

When you invest in a sports nutrition brand, you are trusting that they have your best interest at heart - and if you’re an athlete this means your athletic ambition. 

Blonyx was created to honor the trust given by making an unwavering commitment to science, performance, and the athletic ambition of those we serve.

The result? Products that above all else, work.