Our Story

Blonyx was founded by Rowan Minnion in 2011 in Vancouver, BC. A past collegiate athlete and biomedical scientist, he had spent years running studies on, and researching nutritional products. Rowan saw first hand how beneficial sports nutrition could be if applied correctly, but also observed the questionable tactics brands were using to generate sales.

In the 90’s, many western countries effectively stopped regulating sports nutrition/supplement products. The result was a surge in products that had never been scientifically proven to work (or even be safe) being sold by brands using questionable marketing and manufacturing practices. The industry began to ignore the science and its responsibility to the athletes it existed to serve trading them in for powerful sales and marketing campaigns designed to liberate cash from customers.  

This sobering realization caused Rowan to found Blonyx with the primary goal of only supplying products that were shown to assist athletes on their athletic journey. On top of this, Rowan wanted to start empowering his fellow athletes, providing them with insight and learning that would help them make better buying decisions - decisions that would help them, not just cost them. 

Lastly he wanted to be proactive. Armed with his research background Rowan decided to put this to use by calling out brands who abuse the trust given to them by athletes they sell to. Rowan's objective is to simply make it more risky for supplement brands to abuse their power. They'll be called out for it. 




Rowan is one person, and to improve and industry requires an uprising. As our brand grows so does our fight as we are joined by customers, followers, ambassadors, partners and campaigners. Our mission is to empower the market to the point where athletes turn their back on the brands that don't put them first. Only then will the sports nutrition market finally prove its true value.