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Blonyx was founded by Rowan Minnion a soccer player and biomedical scientist from the UK. Rowan spent much of his career researching sports nutrition products observing their potential to help people achieve their athletic goals. His work also led him to discover just how misaligned the industry was with the science.

The reason this misalignment exists is that there is little regulation in sports nutrition to protect people. The market has become saturated with products with no scientific backing being sold using questionable marketing practices. In short, the importance of making money has been put above helping people achieve their athletic goals. 

Rowan founded Blonyx to create the sports nutrition brand he wished existed: One that sold products that were kept simple so he could understand them, grounded in science so he knew they worked and were the best quality money could buy. In short, a brand that he would trust to help him on his athletic journey.

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