Our Story

Blonyx was founded by Rowan Minnion in 2011 in Vancouver, BC. A past collegiate soccer player and biomedical scientist he spent much of his career researching nutritional products. Rowan saw first hand how beneficial sports nutrition could be if applied correctly, but also noted how little respect the industry gave to the athletes, like him, it was meant to serve.

In the 90’s, many western countries stopped regulating the sports nutrition market. The result has been a surge in products with no evidence that they work or are safe, being sold to athletes using questionable marketing and manufacturing practices. In short, the industry has turned its back on the athletes it was meant to be serving for the sake of making money. 

After leaving his life as a scientist Rowan began to pursue other things, but never lost sight of his athletic ambition. One day when Rowan was offered a protein snickers bar for recovery he decided enough was enough. 

Rowan founded Blonyx with the sole purpose of realigning sports nutrition with athletic ambition. His mission is to better serve athletes by putting their athletic journey first. 


Rowan is one person, and to improve and industry requires an uprising. As our brand grows so does our fight as we are joined by customers, followers, ambassadors, partners and campaigners. Our mission is to empower the market to the point where athletes turn their back on the brands that don't put them first. Only then will the sports nutrition market finally prove its true value.