Customers Testimonials

“Our top athletes are seeing amazing results and we are blowing through our stock Blonyx at CFNE! I am super impressed with the focus on research backed ingredients and keeping the product simple.”
- Ben Bergeron, CrossFit New England

“I’ve been taking Blonyx Creative and HMB for 10 months now. I've continued to see an increase in my strength numbers and endurance. Blonyx helps me recover faster and train harder. I won't go a day without it! ”
- Dani Horran, CrossFit Champlain Valley and CrossFit Games Athlete

“Without a doubt HMB is the best and most effective product I have ever taken. I can honestly say I have never been so excited to share my results I have had with HMB to my clients and other athletes.”
- Sam Dancer, QTown CrossFit/CrossFit Conjugate and CrossFit Games Athlete

“I'm learning that Blonyx HMB+ Creatine product is a great tool for strength development. I've seen some solid progress while using the product and plan on keeping it as one of my daily supplements.”
- Nate Schrader, Iron Forged Athletics and CrossFit Games Athlete

“As games athletes, the products we use will inevitably influence the buying decisions of our members and other aspiring athletes. Carrying Blonyx at CDR ensures that our athletes have access to products we have tested and now use on a regular basis: Products that are clean, safe, well researched, easy to understand and work.”
- Calvin Davis, CDR Redlands CrossFit and CrossFit Games Athlete

“It's always tough to know whether you are getting positive results from a supplement. All I know if that every time I have taken HMB+ Creatine I see great feedback in my training. Workout quality increases,recovery time improves, and along with come solid gains in my overall strength and conditioning. Big fan of this product.”
- Bryce Hafso, Director of Programming at Crossfit West 10

“When I started taking Blonyx HMB, I began to see an increase in all my training numbers. I think Blonyx has provided me with that extra push I needed to help me achieve better training results.”
- Chelsea Ryan, Crossfit Cadence

“I have been using Creatine products since Creatine hit the market but brother I gotta say your creatine+hmb is the best combo I have ever taken. People are constantly asking me what the hell I am on and it is one of the few supplements I have taken throughout the years that I can honestly tell it's working.”
- Jarryd Letona, Owner, RigorGear

“The Blonyx base allowed to me to take my training to heights I never thought achievable. From my back squat PR at 375 lbs ( a 60lb gain in four weeks ), C& J PR of 280 lbs (it was 225lbs only a short time ago), to my recovery time being shortened so dramatically, I was able to compete in one of the toughest Crossfit competitions in western Canada, after only training crossfit for 6 months. I can't say enough about the benefits I have found from such a clean and fast acting supplement, and the people who are behind the name - Huge thank you to my friend Taryn for introducing me to my new training partner HMB+Creatine! It's helped me in so many ways!”
- Connor Wicks, Trains out at Crossfit West 10

“When clients ask me what supplements they should be taking there are 2 that I ALWAYS recommend first: a good whey protein, and blonyx HMB + creatine. There's a lot of shit out there to waste money on, those are the only 2 things I will 100% back as I've seen the recovery and strength gains for myself and every client who's tried them.”
- Simon Damburg, Head Coach at Raincity Athletics

“I love Blonyx I'm a huge believer in what it's been able to do for my body and my overall performance. I feel like my body has not hit a plateau but continues to excel!”
- Constance Marie, Blackhorse Crossfit

“Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love the HMB+ Creatine!! I've hit a couple of PRs since using it & I feel a lot better! Great stuff!”
- Casey Atkinson, CrossFit The Tracks, Erlanger, KY

“I have noticed amazing strength gains and performance gains. Ironically I have been so busy with a new job and my teenage daughter that I haven't had time to do my extra long training days and "double days", but have been killing the WODS like it was nothing. I wasn't understanding how that could be, but then I remembered I have been taking Blonyx. Coincidence?! I have been getting comments by so many people asking me how I have been doing so well lately too. Therefore, I am thoroughly impressed with this product and would love to continue taking it. I am intending to spread the word about this product amongst my crossfit community. Thank you for providing me with this opportunity to try this. I can not wait to see what the open brings! ”
- Marisa Liepman, Rainer Crossfit