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Barbell Best Practice Poster

We know that you spend lots of time and money maintaining your barbells and plates to keep them in tip-top shape; we’re here to make sure your members do the same. Help increase the longevity of your equipment by putting this poster up by your barbell rack. The poster includes tips and tricks for ensuring the correct plates and equipment are being used when lifting.


1RM Percentage Calculation Poster

Tired of members grabbing a calculator or their phone every time they’re calculating their numbers for the workout? Put this poster up by your weight stacks to help your members quickly and easily convert their max’s to working weights.

LB to KG Conversion Poster

Trying to find out which weights to use for an Open workout? Want to see how you’d stack up against other weightlifters in your weight class? Or did everyone else in the class just use up all the LB plates? Luckily we’ve created this handy chart to help you convert everything from 2.5kg all the way to 500LB.

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