Blonyx to improve WOD performance

Every day the Blonyx staff members make time to visit their local box and get in a quick WOD. We are athletes just like you and have developed our products with constantly varied, functional training in mind.

Here are the reasons why you should be taking Blonyx to improve WOD performance:

  • HMB is shown to reduce muscle damage and speed recovery, especially when training leads to frequent muscle soreness (to read more, click here)
  • Much of the research on both Creatine and HMB show they increase strength in athletes doing movements like deadlifts and squats (check out the research section here)
  • HMB improves training efficiency through quicker recovery meaning it improves both strength and metcon performance
  • Both HMB and Creatine have thorough safety testing data in athletes of all ages meaning they don't potentially compromise health
  • We have developed our products to be the cleanest on the market. The way we manufacture them means we need no additives to speed the process (chemicals called flow agents), no sugars to sweeten and no fillers. If you believe in clean eating then you should also believe in clean supplementation
  • Our products are paleo friendly as both HMB and Creatine are found in meat, fish, fruit and vegetables

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