Sponsorship is a two way street. It's about supporting a brand you love by using your influence to inform, educate and promote to those around you. They will ultimately buy our products as a result, and hopefully end up sharing your love for our products. 

In return we provide you with support to help you get where you want to go. You will get Blonyx products at a huge discount or even free; get free apparel, and if you can demonstrate enough influence, generate regular income and achieve performance bonuses.

Over the years we have fine tuned our sponsorship program to the point where we can quickly identify those with genuine influence. Contrary to belief, it isn't the best athletes, or those with the biggest social media following. The secret is in the role you play in your community and how good you are at convincing those around you to follow your lead. Are you an influencer? 

Be in it for the brand above all else

Before you approach us about sponsorship think about this: Is Blonyx a brand you truly believe in and are happy to be associated with and actively promote to others? Communicating the awesomeness of your new lifting shoes, paleo recipes or WOD shorts to those around you comes naturally, right? You should naturally think about and recommend our products in the same way. If you see this as a way to look good as you have a sponsor, get paid, OR you don't like the idea of encouraging others to purchase something because it's too "salesy" then this is not the program for you.

Are you an influencer? - AND can you leverage that influence?

Do you get regular questions from those around you? Questions on your training, how to do things better? what products to use? which shoes you suggest? Do you notice people copying your style, your habits, your routines? Do you actively teach, educate, improve or impact those around you? If you do, chances are you are an influencer in your community. 

But this isn't enough. If suggesting products you love to the people you influence (encouraging them to purchase with a discount code that you benefit from) makes you feel uncomfortable, then you simply aren't ready to leverage your influence as a sponsored athlete.  

What? You haven’t even tried our products?

If you haven’t tried our products yet then you are here for all the wrong reasons. We ONLY sponsor athletes who have a history of using our products and that truly love the Blonyx brand. If you are really interested in working with us, your first task is to purchase some Blonyx and see if this is a brand you could get behind.   

Are you willing to put work into this relationship?

The two way street thing requires you to put in the continual effort to support our brand. Our support for you will not wilt over time, and neither should your representation for us. Be prepared to put in time on a very regular basis to support and promote us – a tweet, sharing a picture of you using our products, telling a few idolizing upcoming athletes about your supplement regimen, letting your new training partners know what your discount code is so they can try your favourite supplement. This is the sort of weekly representation we expect and without it you will lose your sponsorship. Remember we are investing in your ability to promote our brand above all else. If you stop doing that we will not see any return on our investment in you and will stop sponsoring you. 

Who we don’t sponsor

As a company we generally focus on athletes, coaches, and influencers in the athletic and sporting community. We tend to stay away from aesthetic disciplines like body building and modelling as we are a brand that focuses on athletic performance.

In terms of personalities, we don't sponsor athletes who approach us wanting to enter into what we call a professional athlete sponsorship deal. This would be a deal where an athlete represents our brand in return for a large payment. An agreement with image use rights, appearance requirements, exclusivity clauses etc. We feel that this form of sponsorship goes against our values as the money being offered taints genuine 

In addition, we currently primarily focus on CrossFit. If in doubt, drop us an email.

Who we do sponsor

We are interested in sponsoring anyone who has influence. Feel free to get creative with this. If you have a well read, respectable blog that aligns well with our brand, we would love to hear from you. If you coach at a large gym and feel you have influence over the athletes at the gym, again, we're interested. 

If you are an athlete who loves our brand, has a great following, and is well respected, then you have a great opportunity. If you know you can leverage that, lets get things going :)

We have found that those with real influence often don't think of themselves as being suitable for sponsorship. If you're unsure and want an opinion, drop us a line!

 Our program and expectations

We take our influence from the amazingly successful Lulu Lemon (they're based near us in Vancouver). Their ambassador program is excellent and they have amassed an army of loyal participants who truly love the brand and get a lot from their relationship. 

Our main principle is this: What you will get out of the program will match what you put into it. We have a way of measuring Return on Investment (ROI) through your work and base your level of sponsorship on that. We also pay for your time if you work with us on projects that contribute to the growth of the Blonyx brand. This could be blog writing, participating in a photo shoot or supporting us at an event. 

Bottom line – BE REALISTIC

Treat sponsorship like a form of flexible employment. If you invest time and effort into it, you'll get a lot out of it from free product, to regular income, and performance bonuses. The opposite also runs true. If you aren't putting in the work, you will quickly lose your sponsorship status. 

Ultimately sponsorship is a contractual relationship and you should expect to have to meet the demands you sign up for.

There are websites out there that charge us $60 to get over 3,000 visits to the Blonyx website a month. If you are asking for $60 of product then why should we give you the gear and not give the website the money? Ultimately all we want you to do is think about what you committing to, think about why it might be commercially beneficial for us, the level of commitment you are able to give and what you will get in return. Most of all be realistic.


Q. I don't feel comfortable handing out discount codes or selling things to people

A. If you are a true influencer people around you will actively seek out the products you use, even if they simply see you wearing/using them. If you truly love a brand or product it's also naturally to tell those around you: "Toyota make the best trucks", "My nano 2s are the best I have ever owned" for example. Giving out discounts to people who are wanting to buy already is ALWAYS seen as a benefit. If someone gave you 40% off Reebok gear via a social media post, would you unfollow or thank them?

 Q. I am a highly competitive athlete, will you give me more money, product, recognition?

A. Being an elite level athlete gives you a great opportunity to influence the wider audience you are exposed to. If you don't actually have influence, or don't know how to/aren't prepared to work to leverage it then you won't be that valuable to a brand. Michael Jordan once said that the hardest work he ever did was for his sponsors. He had so many opportunities to gain and use his influence, but really had to work at it to gain his $millions. Being a good athlete is only part of the equation.  

How to enquire about sponsorship with Blonyx

To apply for sponsorship with Blonyx please fill out the form below. If you have any questions on the program, please feel free to  contact us.