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The Ultimate Recovery Package Giveaway

$600 Value

Recovery Package

  • 2XU Power Recovery Compression Tights ($139.95)
  • 2XU Refresh Recovery Compression Long Sleeve Top ($109.95)
  • 2XU Recovery Compression Socks ($49.95)
  • $300 Blonyx Gift Card

About Us

About Blonyx

Blonyx is founded on the belief that the supplement industry needs to change. The athletes we sell to put their trust in us when using our products. Blonyx is about respecting the trust given by producing simpler products with solid scientific backing and promoting these with integrity; how the industry should be.

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About 2XU

Founded in Australia in 2005, 2XU creates high performance apparel for the world’s best athletes. Train, perform, and recover in record time with 2XU graduated compression tights.

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