Healthy Holidays: Jonny Staub’s Vancouver Gift Guide

It’s the holidays and that means you’re going to have to start thinking outside the box and hopefully not just WHOOPS shopping and impulse buying for yourself* (*ahem, raises hand, guilty).

For someone like myself, health and wellness is a top priority. It’s a forever thing, not just a fad. My training at CrossFit 604 and the focus I put on my nutrition keeps me going all year long. Plus, my involvement with charity allows me to give back to my community and practice gratitude – a major contributor to a healthy mindset. 

Living in such an active city as Vancouver, I’ve found some killer organizations who think the same way I do. So why not give some of that self care to the active individual on your Holiday list this year?

 Here’s a few gift ideas to help get you started – all while supporting our local community!

Shop LOCAL. A few fun finds:

The Best Workout Partner

Clean, simple supplements that make heavy snatches a little more bearable-- Blonyx is perfect for anyone who’s got a half-marathon or new PR as their New Year's resolutions. 

My go-to is their no B.S. HMB+ Creatine or the lactose-free Egg White Protein Isolate. Pair those with some swag from their shop and you’ve just won your gym’s Secret Santa.

BONUS: Keep reading to find out how your Blonyx gift can help out some doggos with the Thank Dog I Am Out charity!

Fit Kit

STR/KE MVMNT has awesome athleisure finds with minimal designs for maximum performance. I’m a huge fan of their Chill Pill sneakers for travel, and their Interval KNIT AF trainers when I hit the gym floor.


A Favourite Training Treat

Based in Victoria with roots in Vancouver, Fatso Peanut Butter is for that foodie on your list who can’t get enough of those holiday treats but has been training so hard and doesn’t want to get caught up in too much snacking.

My buddy Mike made me try the caramel blend on a rice cracker – HEAVEN! Also the next day you don’t feel so guilty when it’s time to train. Plus, all profits from the sale of Fatso apparel will be donated to Peers, a charity providing outreach, harm reduction and education services for people in the sex industry for more 25 years.

It’s the Climb

If you live anywhere on the west coast, you know just how massive climbing is. Truly the coolest of cross-training activities, grab a gift card or intro class for the adventurous humans on your list. Total beginner or built of forearms, The Hive is open to all.


All in One Beverage

Everyone has heard about the benefits of collagen; you know, the stuff that makes up about 30% of all the proteins in your body (and smoothes out those wrinkles). There are plenty of benefits of taking collagen daily (better skin, nails, joints, you name it!) and why not support an incredible company built and owned by women, right here in Vancouver! 

Try one of my favourites, the ReHydrate tropical premium electrolyte powder. No need for sugary sports drinks, this all natural powder gives you all the replenishments + collagen after a big lift day and or sweaty burpees.


Groom Go-To

Speaking of beauty, if you do have a man on your list in need of some moisturizing, grooming and self care, you can order top of the line products from all over the world right here in Vancouver through MASC. 

Browse their vast inventory on Davie Street or place an order of their superior skin products. Even if we don’t admit it, it’s nice to get pampered.


The Gift of Greens

I LOVE a good local, fresh tasting juice and wouldn’t you know Glory Juice has subscription packages so you can have them delivered right to your door? Ho Ho Ho! 

I always love to give someone the Immunity Pack around the holidays that way they are stocked with yummy healthy juices that will keep their health in check so they can in turn, keep training hard. Side note, it is Christmas and their homemade granola is BOMB.


Why not give back?

Helping out rescue dogs AND getting some chocolatey training fuel? Sounds too good to be true, right? I teamed up with Blonyx this year to help support Vancouver’s amazing dog rescue: Thank Dog I Am Out.

When you purchase Blonyx Egg White Protein 10% will be donated to Thank Dog I am Out from December 16 - 31st, 2020 up to $1000 CAD.

Use code: THNKDOG10 at checkout for this to be applied.

I have worked with founder Susan Patterson and the whole team for the past 6 years. Thank Dog I Am Out is a non profit, registered dog rescue (very important as anyone these days can claim to be one) and have been rescuing dogs from northern parts of Canada, California, Mexico, and Korean dog markets. 

By purchasing Blonyx Egg White Protein Isolate you’ll be sending a portion of sales to help with the continuing costs of transportation costs, food/feeding, vaccinations and vet bills all while building muscle and drinking a clean, minimally processed, lactose-free product that is as close to real food as you can get! 

If you’re ever looking for a dog to rescue and live with you in your "furever home”, you can check out our website:

All in this Together

I know it’s been a tough year for a lot of people, and for most trying to give to a charity or help an organization may not have been possible. Instead, why not make a donation in name for someone you love? 

Lots of charities are looking for help this year. The lower mainland Christmas Bureau, The United Way of Vancouver, The Greater Vancouver Food Bank.

A charity I love (and am privileged to be a board of directors members for) is A Loving Spoonful. Weekly deliveries on Tuesdays guarantee that clientele who live with HIV/AIDS, don’t live with hunger. With generosity and support we have been able to offer them this service, for free, for almost 20 years. An average meal costs around $4.33, so a $20 gift would mean almost 2 days of food for someone living in your community. Go $50 and really impress your friend (all while showing your generous heart). That sounds pretty rad to me.


Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, and a very safe and Happy Holidays to you!

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Blonyx launches UK’s First Egg White Protein Isolate
Blonyx launches UK’s First Egg White Protein Isolate
Blonyx, a Vancouver-based sports nutrition brand, launched the UK’s first Egg White Protein Isolate product today.
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This is by far the best protein I have ever had. It is pure and very limited in ingredients and my body feels great when I take it.

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It’s been hard finding a protein powder that wouldn’t give me bloating and upset stomach so having this egg white option that tastes great is just awesome. It does need little bit more shaking to avoid any lumps but thumbs up from me.

My new favourite protein powder!

Love this product so much!! Tastes great! I find that protein powders can sometimes be too sweet, where this one is perfect! The texture is just like chocolate milk and I love having it after a workout. On top of that, there are minimal ingredients and all the ingredients are things you would recognise...clean product! This will be my protein supplement from now on. Thanks Blonyx! :)

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