Why CrossFitters Benefit from HMB Supplements

Why CrossFitters Benefit from HMB Supplements

At Blonyx, above all, we believe that high-quality programming, consistent training, a well-balanced diet made with real food, and proper recovery are the keys to good health and high performance. Our belief is that if you get these dialled in first, you'll get the most out of your supplement choices. 


To that end, from beginners to Masters' athletes, HMB has been proven to help athletes across broad age domains, training levels and physical abilities. Here, we explore 5 reasons why CrossFitters can benefit from taking a HMB Supplement. 


This post is a summary of a recent article we have put together. To read get the full details, check out our page:  WHY CROSSFITTERS BENEFIT FROM HMB SUPPLEMENTS. 


1. CROSSFITTERS GET SORE, OFTEN - HMB has been shown to work better in athletes who regularly induce muscle damage (re: get sore).

2. CROSSFIT, BY DEFINITION, IS CONSTANTLY VARIED - HMB has been shown to improve performance across different modal domains. 

3. THE RESEARCH IS THERE TO BACK IT - HMB has a large body of research on athletes in various modals, similar to those of CrossFit movements. 

4. THE RISE OF THE MASTERS DIVISION - HMB is shown to be beneficial for masters athletes.

5. SOMETIMES INJURIES HAPPEN - HMB can help speed recovery from injury. 


Do we think HMB is the only supplement CrossFitters could benefit from? No, there are others like Creatine and Beta Alanine but we believe that the versatility of HMB in improving performance across different modal domains makes it an ideal supplement for both aspiring and competitive CrossFitters alike. 


No idea what HMB is? Check out our WHAT IS HMB page!


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