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How much are you really eating?

by KT Trombetta on

Even if we take an epic cheat meal every now and then, most of us in the fitness world know what we should be eating on a daily...

Recipe: On the go omelets

by KT Trombetta on

As much as we'd love to, who has the time to cook bacon and eggs every morning? Check out this super-quick recipe for on-the-go omelets that I work...

Infographic: How does your heart feel about your diet?

by KT Trombetta on

If you're reading this blog, you probably know that extra butter popcorn and milk shakes aren't great for your overall health, but check out this infographic to see...

Protein, it's everywhere!

by KT Trombetta on

I don't want to be biased, but if you want to stay lean, gain muscle, and keep your performance top-notch, thinking about your protein sources is important. Too many...

Is counting calories enough?

by Rowan Minnion2 on

It seems like every successful athlete follows a specific nutrition plan, and the options are endless. Plenty count Macronutrients, determining the correct balance of carbs, fat, and protein...

How much HMB should you be taking as an athlete?

by KT Trombetta on - 1 Comment

As athletes, we could all do with a little more HMB to protect and repair muscle tissue, especially this time of year, when we're beating our bodies down...

The Miracle that is Water

by KT Trombetta on

A whopping 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated; are you one of them? Water does everything from lubricating your joints to improving brain function. It's also a legitimate...

The Caffeine-Calorie Continuum

by KT Trombetta on

Whether we like it or not, we're all a little addicted to caffeine. It might be a latte to get your day going, an energy drink to get...

Gluten-Free: Fad or Fact?

by KT Trombetta on

In recent years, the gluten-free movement has been expanding while the number of individuals with Celiac's disease remains the same (about 1 in every 133 people). As the...

Supplements vs. food: How much food do you need?

by KT Trombetta on

As athletes, we are often questioned on our lifestyles: what we eat, how much time we spend training, the amount of money we put into what we love....

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Most amazing protein powder ever!

Wow just wow! Tastes just like chocolate milk. No weird after taste at all. This is all I'm getting from now on! Thank you Blonyx!

Blonyx HMB Sport

Love it!

Got the Tank Top for my partner and she absolutely loves it! Very comfortable for working out in.
Highly recommended!

Great Product

This product definitely improves workout performance. I have been taking Blonyx HMB+Creatine for 2 years now and have noticed that my CrossFit workouts have gotten steadily better even though I just turned 60 years old. I often rank above fellow CrossFitters that are 20 years younger than me. I get body fat testing done several times a year and have maintained and improved skeletal muscle mass over this time period. I would highly recommend this product for men in their 50-60's for preventing that decline in muscle mass that comes with age.

Tasty & filling

I can't use whey protein and have found vegan protein to be gross tasting - this is a great option. It tastes good and I actually find it satiating, which I have rarely found for protein powders in the past.