Games athletes Abbott, Eramo, Matthews and Percevecz talk Murph, the swim, their increasingly sore bodies, and the camaraderie behind the scenes!

At the CrossFit Games halfway point, Blonyx athletes are doing themselves (and us) proud. 

Friday was a particularly good day for them with Carleen Matthews finishing 3rd on Murph, and both Emily Abbott and Tasia Percevecz had great showings on the clean ladder and DT. Abbott finished 11th and 12th, while Percevecz finished 6th and 5th—her best two events of the competition so far. Meanwhile, Kristi Eramo continued her brilliant first CrossFit Games experience; in the last four events, she has placed 2nd, 7th, 8th and 15th, and currently sits 7th overall!

The girls took the time to give us the inside scoop on the last two days:

How was the swim for you?

Tia Toomey and Kristi Eramo neck and neck in the swim at the CrossFit Games

Tia-Clair Toomey took first in the 500m swim, with Kristi Eramo just seconds behind her for a 2nd place finish img credit: CrossFit Games 

Eramo: Terrifying, exhilerating, and salty! 

Matthews: A clusterfuck! I'm happy with how I finished it. I fought so hard to get into the front of the pack and then looked around and felt like I was in the back.

Percevecz: Exciting, terrifying, accomplished!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how sore are you today (Friday)?

Eramo: 6 or a 7. I think my back and quads might be the most sore. (Pause)... Maybe an 8 on the soreness (scale).

Abbott: 6 to 7 on the soreness. I will be bad tomorrow. But overall quite good. But my forearms are toast!

Matthews: I'm probably like a 5 soreness. I ripped my finger on Double DT so those hurt more than anything.

Percevecz: I'm not that sore! Probably about a 5. 

Did you get to watch any of the Master's events on Thursday? Do you envision yourself competing as a master's athlete one day?

Kristi and Donna Eramo, Masters and Individual CrossFit Games 2016 via the Blonyx Blog

Donna Eramo and Kristi Eramo are one set of the parent/child Games Athletes of 2016

Matthews: I watched the final of the masters because I was rooting for Nate Loren of CrossFit Fort Vancouver. I do hope that will be me some day!

Eramo: I did watch! My mom (Donna Eramo) competed and took 10th in her age group. Hopefully, some day I'll be as fit as she is at that age.

Abbott: I never think about my future in CrossFit. I'm thinking just about surviving these CrossFit Games (haha)

Do you feel comfortable and like you're meant to be yet, or still adjusting as a rookie? Anyone veterans helping you out?

Athletes at the 2016 CrossFit Games

The athletes are 'all in it together' img via: CrossFit Photo Journal

Percevecz: I definitely feel like I'm meant to be here. Margaux Alvarez has been helping me a lot. She gave me some great tips before the swim because I was super nervous. And she's very kind and encouraging. She even cheered me on during the last run of Murph. She's pretty incredible.

Eramo: I love all the girls. I still feel like it isn't reality yet and I am still definitely adjusting. But I have really enjoyed getting to talk to Tia Toomey. She has been so kind and is such an inspiration and has given me some great advice.

How is the atmosphere behind the scenes? Different than last year? Same?

Matthews: I feel like the girls are way closer this year Maybe it's because I know more of them and I'm closer, or maybe it's because we got really vulnerable waking up at 3 a.m. together and spending so much time together. 

Abbott: There's a lot more camaraderie between the girls in the back. Everyone is goin through this together and enduring, so joking around together is a great way to keep things light. 

Considering last year's Murph beatdown, how did you approach it in terms of nutrition and safety?

Eramo: I just tried to drink tons of water and I really paced out my first run. I knew a group would go flying out and I had my watch on and knew exactly what I wanted to run it in to keep my heartrate down and not redline from the start. They had water on the field and also started us at 7 a.m. this year, so it was nice and cool and shaded.

Matthews: I didn't hold anything back on Murph. I approached it wanting to win the event, and went out as hard as I could. Last year, I had regrets that I wasn't Top 3, so that final mile I was thinking, 'Don't finish wishing you gave more.' For me...that last mile felt harder (than last year).

Abbott: Having water and a cooler atmosphere was so much different. But somehow I placed worst that last year...sigh. Live and learn. Post-Murph, I slept and ate and felt so much better. 

How did you spend your little bit of downtime Thursday?

Carleen Matthews taking in some puppy therapy at the Games

Matthews took 3rd place in Murph, and then rewarded herself with some puppy therapy!

Eramo: I ate a huge breakfast and then slept! It was sooooo nice.

Matthews: I ate, ice bathed, napped, played with puppies, and met my physiotherapist. And tried to stay cool!

Percevecz: I had a chance to see my mom and sister for a little while, so that was great!

The action in Carson continues this afternoon! 


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