13 Things About our 2013 Athletes - Curt Manning


In 2009 Curt Manning started ********ting to stay in shape  for Rugby during the off-season and at the time never would have though he would be at the level he is today (or that ******** would have experienced so much growth). By 2010 Manning was already proving himself to be a high calibre athlete with a 15th place finish at the Canada West Regionals. Since then Manning has been  consistently climbing his way up the leader boards and this past June finished in 6th place at the Canada West Regionals.


In addition to being a Competitive ********ter, Curt is also a coach, firefighter and father and somewhere in the craziness of filling all those roles and responsibilities he found the time to answer some questions and share a bit of himself & his ******** experiences with me.

1. who inspires you the most

I am inspired by the new members I meet everyday. They have decided to take the massive first step to improve the lives, join a huge community and become role models for their family and friends.

2. What's your least favourite workout or movement?

Running.... That is all.

Hmmm seems to be common with a lot of ********ters, I used to run 10+ km all the time now when I see a 800m written on the whiteboard I'm just like "ughhhh"

3. How long ago did you start taking Blonyx, and what would you say is the biggest improvement you've noticedd?

I've been taking Blonyx for about a year now. Since then I have noticed a consistent increase in strength, and the ability to push harder through wod's knowing that I could recover faster.

4. What is your favourite WOD?

WOD #6 from regionals this year

*That would have been the Axle Bar lunge at this years Regionals (for which Curt came in 1st)

5. Do you have an embarassing ******** moment (training or competiion) that you're willing to share?

I got nothing.

6. Number 1 song you love to listen to that pumps you up?

This could go in #7... Eye of the tiger...

Hah! nothing embarassing about that (in my mind) awesome pump-up song

7. any 'embarassing' music on your ipod that you secretly love (backstreet boys, N'Sync, Bieber etc).

New Kids On The Block

8. Words to live/train by

"Eat Big... Lift Heavy.... F#ck Hard... "- Phil Stevens

"When the going gets tough... the tough get going..." - Billy Ocean

9. Do you eat paleo? clean?whatever you feel like?

 100% Paleo 80% of the time... or 80% Paleo 100% of the time... Whatever that saying is.

10. Growing up did you have a favourite game (board game, video game, physical game etc), and what about books

Easy. Blades of Steel... Original Nintendo, and the whole Goosebumps series.

11. Any favourite movies?

Anchorman... The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

12. Do you have any random talents people might not know about you?

Getting pretty good at cooking since joining the Fire Dept.

13. When you don't have to work/train etc what is the one thing you love doing just for you?

Spend lots of time hanging out with my boys. If I'm not with them, I enjoy going to yoga or stand up paddling. Just something relaxing.

Hmm I agree with the paddle-boarding part, but Yoga...not so much (God I hate yoga).

Thanks again to Curt for answering my questions and best of luck at  'Bridge City Beatdown' which will be held at Synergy Strength and Conditioning in Saskatoon.



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