Constantly Varied vs Random - Do You Know The Difference?

The ******** Exercise Prescription

Constantly Varied, High Intensity Functional Movements

As ********ters we learn that the most effective way to train is with - "Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements" - and I can't speak for everyone but I do know that when I started to following this method I definitely saw it in my results. However, I think its super important (particularly for programmers, coaches or competitive athletes) to take the time to understand the difference betwen 'Constantly varied,' and 'random', in order to ensure proper programming and avoid injury.

The Difference between 'Constantly Varied' and 'Random'

When I first started ******** I loved not knowing what to expect every time I looked at the whiteboard, learning new movements every week and seeing rapid strength and performance gains. However, the longer I stuck with it the more I realized that ******** (when programmed correctly) is more than just challenging exercises combined multiple ways to ‘get a sweat on’; its a method of training that may appear random on a superficial level but has

  1. An underlying strength program
  2. Consistent work on technical skills OUTSIDE OF THE WOD and
  3. Workouts that are specifically designed to hit each of energy pathwaysphosphagen, glycolytic and oxidative (i.e. short sprints, medium length WODs, and the longer 'grinding' workouts)


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