13 Things about our 2013 Athletes - Bridget Ahlfield

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Bridget Ahlfield started ********ting in 2010 and not long after she and her husband (Luke) opened the first Box in their hometown, ******** Fairfield. Since then Ahlfield has given up ownership of ******** Fairfield , but has remained a strong presence in the ******** scene (placing 15th at the 2013 North Central Regionals). Although I was only introduced to Bridget recently, I  honestly think this woman is so awesome; not only is she type of athlete I dream about one day being she is also a total sweetheart, funny and easygoing.

So Here are 13 Things about our Sponsored Next Generation Athlete Bridget Ahlfield

1. When did you start ******** and who/what got you into it?

I started two weeks after my youngest was born and it was my cousin Matt and his wife Cherie got us into it

2. Did you ever imagine when you started that you would get to the level you're at now

I always hoped I would because I would watch [the really competitive athletes] on the computer and just be in awe of their talent. I still am in awe of the things people can do

3. Who inspires you the most?

Ah everyone knows this one. My daughter Jordyn is my main inspiration. My goal is make [it] to the Games so they can interview me, I can introduce the world to Jordyn and maybe someone [who] sees that interview will be able to help us find answers for her

That little girl just did three weeks of physical therapy 6 hours a day. [If she can do that] I think I can pick the bar up one more time


**Jordyn was born with special needs and has had to undergo numerous physical therapy treatments and doctor visits in an attempt to manage/find the answer to her condition.

4. What so far is your favourite ******** moment?

I have lots of favorite moments so I'll have to think on that

5. And your most embarrassing one

Most embarrassing by far is peeing on the box at Regionals. I could just hear the crowd screaming "oh my god she is peeing". But I wanted a good time so I just kept on peeing. So glad they didn't do a video in me peeing on the box

Oh no! but thats seriously awesome, wow way to commit.

6. Who are you most excited to see compete at the games?

Emmalee Moore, I've become a huge fan this year of her and On the male side I'd have to say Matt... It's a given (That's my cuz)

7. Whats the one skill that you love doing/excel (the one that when it comes up in a workout you just think “yes!”

I love cleans. I could do cleans all day long.

8. and on the flip side, what’s your ‘Goat?

Hate anything gymnastics . I won't discriminate on just one. I hate them all

9. Words to live/train by?

"you vs you". I was told that going  into my first Regionals and I never forget it

10. Do you have any 'pre-competition' rituals

I have to have a banana pancake on the morning of a comp.

11. Do you have any 'lucky' peices of clothing etc for competition/tough workouts

I have a lucky sports bra and lulu shorts that I put on for wods that I need a little extra. And of course I only compete in my Blonyx headband now.


**Bridget created the first 'Blonyx Headband' and the 3000 headbands that we are giving away at the Games are inspired by her

12. Do you like to sing along to the radio when you're alone in the car (or not alone)

I sing all the time. Radio doesn't have to be on. Don't have to be alone. I just sing. It's not good by any means but I enjoy it.

Well that's what matters  so long as you enjoy it (**god this Woman is awesome**)

13. Favourrite movie character when growing up?

Christian Bale, in Newsies. My friend and I were in love with him and it was for real lol.

Thanks again to Bridget for taking the time to answer my questions, and good luck from everyone at Blonyz with your training, we can't wait to see you kill it in competition over the upcoming year.



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