13 Things about our 2013 Athletes - Troy Straith


Troy Straith, owner of ******** BC,  is headed to the Games for his 3rd time and will be competing in the 50-54 masters division. Troy started doing ******** in 2006 to get stronger/faster for Krav Maga and 7 years later he is still at it with the training motto

"Suck it up! Pick it up! Keep moving!" 

With less that 1 week until the Masters Division kicks off in Carson LA Troy still found the time to respond to my emails and answer my questions for this post.

1. When you first started ******** did you have any idea that you would end up getting to the level that you are now?

I had no idea that I would ever compete in ********, only that if I continued training I would continue to see gains in my health and wellness

2. How long ago did you start taking Blonyx, and what would you say is the biggest improvement you've noticed?

I started taking HMB + Creatine before the 2012 ******** Games and saw a huge improvement in my strength

3. who inspires you (this could be a coach, a fellow athlete, a friend family member etc. They don't have to be a cross fitter, just someone you really look up to)

I'm inspired every day by the athletes that train at ******** BC. From the new member that gets their 1st pullup, to the competitor that gets a set of 5 unbroken Muscle-Ups

4. Do you have a goat? if so what is it?

The list is too long

5. What's your favourite ******** moment so far?

Getting a PR Clean & Jerk at the 2011 ******** Games

6. Number 1 song you love to listen to that pumps you up?

Anything loud!

....Hmm I wonder if this includes Spice Girls....if its super loud ;) ....just kidding I've trained with Troy many times and if there was every any Spice Girls playing it would have been because of me.

7. Cheat food…sweet or salty


8. Cats or Dogs?

Dogs, 3 of them

9. If you could have dinner with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be?

My dad

10.What was your Favourite book growing up?

Hardy Boys

(yess!! Haha I loved Hardy Boys....though I liked Nancy Drew More)

11 . Do you have any 'phobias' (e.g. spiders, the dark, clowns)


12 . Who is Favourite Superhero 


13 If you could have one super-power what would it be?

I would want to be live forever strong and fit!


Me too...me too...


Thanks again to Troy for answering my questions and best of luck at the Games! Hopefully this year will provide another opportunity for a PR and he can create a new 'Favourite ******** Moment'


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