The Other Side of the #Crossfit Rx Fallacy

The #******** RX Fallacy

- By Taryn Haggerstone

Taryn Wallballs



Tyrell Mara recently published a really good post "The #******** RX Fallacy and 30 Ways to Train Better" that addressed an important issue in the ******** community...


...our tendency to sacrifice everything (technique and form, safety, range of motion etc) just to see those two letters beside our names on the whiteboard: 'Rx'.


And Tyrell's post was dead on. We've all seen it (or done it) and in the end this does more harm than good because we're more likely to get injured and develop bad habits/incorrect movement patterns by training like this.


However, those two letters, which can tempt us into throwing common sense out the window, also have the ability to 'hurt' us in another way: by allowing us to become content to sit at the Rx and as a result restrict our growth.


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Tyrell Mara

Tyrell Mara

Hey Blonyx and Taryn!

Thank you for featuring my post on the Rx Fallacy, and for diving into the other side of this equation. Both valuable perspectives and point of view – and most importantly, they can both be the driver of important conversations we have with ourselves, our coaches, gyms, and communities!

Tyrell Mara

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