CrossFit Regionals - Week One!

Mayer off to California!

The Big news coming out of Week One of the ******** Regionals was the phenomenal effort of Blonyx Athlete Travis Mayer. After outlining his strategy last week, Mayer stated the key was to be "consistent, and not too inconsistent". He remained true to his word, finishing the majority of the events in the Top 10, with the highlight being a 5.22 Jackie time in Event One.


Mayer will be one of three new faces heading to Carson, California in July this year after qualifying second position. One point behind winner ZA Anderson, and 8 points clear of third placed Daniel Petro. Mayer edged out previous ******** Games competitors Chase Daniels, Brandon Phillips and Guido Trinidad to book his place.


After a strong performance all weekend, Mayer worked his way into pole position going into Event 7, the final workout. Despite a nervous wait for all the results to finalize,  a seventh place finish in the rope climb, sprint and squat clean triplet was enough to secure a place on the podium and his ticket to the ******** Games.




Teams Book their Place!

Team CDR Redlands out of ******** Redlands, took the Southern California stakes right up to ******** Invictus. After battling all weekend long, Team CDR Redlands took first place in Events 3, 6 and 9 to finish just two points behind Invictus taking second place overall. This rivalry will no doubt continue as both Teams prepare to take top honors at the ******** Games.



Week Two starts this Friday!

The second week of official ******** Regionals competitions begins this Friday, with five more regions competing for a berth at the ******** Games. Africa, Australia, Canada East, South Central and Northern California Regions will all throw down as competition heats up!



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