What will be the hottest Fitness trends this summer?

So with the ******** Games Tickets sold out in less than a couple of hours, who can guess what the hottest thing in fitness will be this Summer? No longer is boot-camp, spin class or Zumba top of the tree, there is a new king in town. This king is all about high intensity, constantly varied and functional movement. While some initial doubters might have questioned the staying power, there is no doubt it is changing the way we workout forever.


This month, Forbes Magazine took a look at the Five Hottest Fitness Trends we should all be checking out this summer.


Enter ********...

Source: ******** Games

 It's all about the ******** Games

With the ******** Open now in the books, Regionals taking place throughout the month and the ultimate 2013 ******** Games are scheduled for late July. An amazing schedule of ******** awaits us. For those who thought ******** was merely a fad and would pass, all signs point towards GO! The sport continues to grow stronger with the recent Open qualifications experiencing record numbers, close to 150,000 worldwide. Those lucky enough to make it through Regionals to the games will be featured on ESPN2 competing for a $250,000 Grand Prize and lucrative endorsements.  The workouts will test athletes across a broad range of skills, strength and endurance whilst pushing them beyond their mental barriers.


A new box and a modern obstacle course

Not only did ******** take top spot, two of the remaining four events also related to ********. With a New York feel, the expansion of one of the hottest West Coast Gym's moving into new territory in Chelsea, New York City is all full of hype. The West Hollywood institution hosts the likes of Bob Harper and Max Greenfield and are looking to make a splash.


Also featured in the top five is the new aged marathon ********ter's love to compete in, the Spartan Race. Modern obstacle courses are all the rage, backed by big name fitness companies, competitors comprised of a high percentage of ********ter's climbing walls, evading electrified barbed wire fences all whilst embraced in mud.


Rounding it out

Whilst we cannot forget the other two events rounding out the top five. The Battle of Indoor Cycling Supremacy in New York, together with the Big Apple's introduction of Bike Sharing across the city. A sure win for residents and tourists alike.


Now, don't forget to tune into the upcoming ******** Season with one eye on our Blonyx Athletes, or you might just miss out on that next conversation at the water cooler!


- Andy at Blonyx


Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/davidtao/2013/05/05/5-must-watch-fitness-trends-for-the-summer/

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