Interview with Next Generation Elite Athlete: Travis Mayer

Training and the ******** Open

For Travis Mayer, Blonyx Athlete and Head Coach of ******** Silos, competing at the upcoming South East Regionals in Palm Beach, Florida represents something special. Injuring his L-5 vertebra in last year’s Open, Mayer has taken the necessary time off to recover and build towards achieving his goal of qualifying for Regionals. While one goal has been achieved, the allure of the ******** Games still awaits.


A training day in the schedule of Mayer involves taking the morning classes at ******** Silos in Alpharetta, Georgia, followed by a training session, then another in the evening. Most weeks also involve one complete rest day; usually Monday with Thursday being more of an active rest. “A light swim, row, run or air dyne for 20 minutes at 65%. A little easy and not so taxing on the body” he says.


Placing 15th in the South East Region, Mayer’s approach was ‘one and done’, firmly geared towards peaking for Regionals. “You don’t get repeats at Regionals. My main focus was getting there and then doing 100%. If you do well in the Open while you were getting destroyed in training, you know you are going to do well”.


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Crushing the ******** Open[/caption]

Mental Aspect

The mental aspect plays an important role in Mayer’s approach. “******** is 80% mental. Whoever can push their body to the next level, to that uncomfortable place, something magical is going to happen. I always think; keep going, don’t stop. Three, two, one; that is my rest and I am back on it”.


With a background in Motocross riding, Mayer has carried across his toughness to great effect, “Racing Motocross, you have to learn how to be positive. You could go out, get hurt and you would just have to come back. That helps translate into ********. You get into that uncomfortable place, so much in your body says to stop” says Mayer.


OC Throwdown

“I never really did too many big competitions, a bit of local stuff”. Recently teaming up with Optimum Performance Training (‘OPT’) under the tutelage of Coach Max El-Hag, Mayer wanted to do a larger event before Regionals just to see how he stacked up against other competitive athletes. What better place to do this than at the 2013 OC Throwdown in Costa Mesa, California with the likes of NorCal’s Neil Maddox and SoCal’s Kenneth Leverich, together with 15 other Games athletes. “I took it one workout at a time and placed third” recounts Mayer. “I wanted to finish top five, but going into that second day I realised I could finish top three, so I was pretty stoked about that”.


With arguably his greatest achievement in the sport to date, Mayer actively experienced the training schedule and peaking strategies specific for this event. These factors will hopefully translate into success later this month, “I know I can do really well if I dial everything in”.


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="425"] Squatting Heavy[/caption]


Build up and Team OPT

Leading into Regionals, Mayer has been undertaking a nine month program in preparation. OPT and Coach Max brought together a smart approach to training, giving Mayer all of the tools to succeed. “It is good to have somebody to know more than you do, technique, the form and the reasons you do it. Quality approach and a great science, has been a great contributor to Mayer’s success. “It is one of the best things to happen to me, I can’t be more excited” he says.



Not only does Mayer attribute his recent success to quality coaching, he also believes that dialling in his diet and supplement regime has contributed to his ongoing progress. “I got introduced to Blonyx by ******** Games competitor and now fellow Blonyx athlete, Nate Schrader. He introduced me to Rowan at Blonyx who asked if I would like to try out a few of the supplements. I started on HMB+ Creatine and after a month I could see a significant difference; in both recovery and strength gains. On weekends I could do up to 7-8 workouts, normally after I would be trashed. After a month, I could wake up Monday and be ready to go” says Mayer.


“I take it every day for recovery and know that it is going to be a huge help. HMB+ Creatine allows me to keep training and recovering effectively/efficiently, that is the biggest thing going into competitions. If you are beat up after the first day, having an extra edge of not being completely destroyed, it will definitely help out a lot at Regionals.”


[caption id="attachment_1019" align="aligncenter" width="300"]photo Maximum Box Jump[/caption]

Experience and Regionals

2013 will only be Mayer’s second time at Regionals, with the first coming two years ago as a Team Athlete. “Two years ago I was planning to go as an individual. Only three months into ********, I finished in 61st place, one place off qualifying. So we [The Garage] went as a team, it was a great experience” he says.


Taking a great deal away from competing, Mayer learnt many valuable lessons which are no doubt going to help this time around. “The main thing is don’t get caught up in the workouts, do one at a time. It is all about being consistent. If you look at guys like Rich Froning and see him, he doesn’t always win every workout but he is so consistent. He is a machine. You just want to be consistent, not so inconsistent. That is what is going to win in the long run” says Mayer.


With South East Regionals to go down between 17-19th of May in Palm Beach Florida, Mayer believes there is no set competition for the podium. “South East is stacked with a lot of good guys and then underdogs that you don’t hear about often come out of the woodwork. The big ones are Chase Daniels, Brandon Phillips and Noah Ohlsen. There is a tonne of people that could do really well,” says Mayer.


Hitting the Open Workouts just once, Mayer believes that while the Open allows the key athletes to be identified, it will not be a carbon copy of what goes down at Regionals. “A lot of people put a big score in the Open, but the Regionals is another competition with three workouts in the day”.


Just a week away, Mayer is more comfortable with being a well-rounded athlete; “I am a lot more confident in my strength and abilities going into it, than six months ago”. With a great opportunity to place at Regionals and achieve the goal of making the Games, Mayer remains focused and grounded; “You want to ensure you are giving 120% for every workout saying holy cow what just happened”.


 - Andy at Blonyx




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Eric Richards

Eric Richards

He actually went with The Garage (Home of The Garage Games) to Regionals as a team, and Silos has since been opened. :) Otherwise, yep, he has on the right path!

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